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Omicron surge in nation, tally leading at 21

India adds 17 case of Omicron Variant of Pandemic on Sunday. Rajasthan counts 9 cases, Delhi recorded 1 case and Maharashtra tolls for 7 cases.

India recorded instant surge in newly mutated Omicron variant of Covid-19 Pandemic. Rajasthan counts 9 cases, Delhi recorded 1 case and Maharashtra tolls for 7 cases on Sunday. The total tally of Omicron variant in India is leading at 21 out of which 17 cases appeared on Sunday itself.

Jaipur the Capital of Rajasthan reported 9 cases of this Omicron variant. Maharashtra’s Pune district also reported 7 cases of the Variant out of them three came from Nigeria. The tally of Maharashtra State has now risen to 8 patients infected with this new variant of this deadliest Pandemic.

Scientists are continuously making efforts to find the impact and nature of this new variant of Pandemic. According to recent studies, it has been reported that the new variant is having a 5 times higher transmission rate as compared to the previous one (Delta Plus Variant).

The Novel Coronavirus has again approached India after the monstrous second wave of the Pandemic appeared between March-June. The first two cases of the new variant were found in Karnataka on 2nd December. Later it was followed by Gujarat’s Jamnagar and Maharashtra’s Dombivli.

Therefore, the emerging new variant of the Pandemic is hinting towards hazardous results on the population. The people of the country has already suffered a lot during the First and Second Wave of the Pandemic and are not expecting another shock to life and lifestyle. The only wave to secure us is to follow Covid19 essential guidelines such as masking up the face, proper sanitization, and ensuring vaccination.

India can alienate this pandemic and its new variant only by following Covid19 norms and by having faith in Ishwar.

We can, We Will defeat corona

jai Hind, Jai bharat

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