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Study shows supremacy of Covishield’s booster dose

According to the study conducted by Oxford University, AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine named as Covishield’s booster dose shows promising results against the new variant Omicron of the monstrous Pandemic. Study affirmed that this vaccine produces sufficient amount of anti-bodies level against Omicron.

A study also found that the levels of Omicron neutralization titers detected after a third booster dose were higher than the antibodies found in people who had previously been infected and were naturally recovering from Covid-19 Alpha, Beta. Delta variants and its actual strain.

The Sera received from applicants one month after receiving the third dose booster vaccine made the Omicron nullify to the levels very similar to those seen one month after the second dose against the Delta variant.

The study analyzed blood samples taken from people infected with Covid-19; those who were vaccinated with initial two-dose of vaccines and a third-dose booster; and those who have previously reported previous infections in other Covid-19 strains. The study included samples from 41 individuals who received three doses of AstraZeneca vaccine, and 20 people who received three doses of Pfizer.

“It is very encouraging to see that the current vaccines have a strong defense against Omicron following a third-dose booster,” John Bell, a professor of medicine at Oxford University, quoted in a statement.

“These results support the use of third-dose of booster as part of a national vaccination strategy, in particular to reduce the spread of a deadliest variant of the Pandemic, including Omicron,” John Bell stated.

The drug manufacturer said Oxford University researchers who conducted the study were independent of those who worked on developing the vaccine with AstraZeneca.

At the same time, Oxford University and AstraZeneca announced that they had begun work on developing a new Covid vaccine.

“Like many worries of the past, along with our partners AstraZeneca, we have taken the first steps in producing an updated vaccine in the event of a need,” Sandy Douglas, leader of the Oxford research team, was quoted as saying to news agencies.

Therefore, the manufacturers of the Covishield has affirmed after conducting the research over the effectivity of the Covid-19 vaccine’s third dose against the recognized variant of concern Omicron. Along with taking jab of vaccine people also need to follow the Covid-19 appropriate behavior and always need to put emphasis on mask, sanitizer and maintaining reasonable distance.

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