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Vaccine for kids delayed by Government, Children are not at risk

The government of India delayed the vaccination for children and affirmed that children are not at risk. The Government Panel feels that children’s are out of risk and can wait.

NTAGI advised the Government to hold on to the decision of availing the vaccinations. The government of India affirmed the step after analyzing the records shown according to the available statistical data, where data confirms Children’s are safe.

The new variant of Covid-19 that is Omicron is just on the verge of residence. The spread of new variants is believed to be much powerful than other variants that appeared in the country. According to the research fraternity, Omicron has 5 times powerful transmission rate as compared to Delta plus (appeared at the times of the 2nd wave of the pandemic).

India has registered overall 200 cases of a new variant of the Pandemic. Mostly the new variant has speeded up in Maharashtra, Telangana and Delhi province of the nation. According to the scientists, the wave of Covid-19 might approach in the month of February, only strong prayers and discipline can save us from the severe consequences of the third wave.

This planned virus has taken new shape and might have adverse effects on health even after vaccination.

Therefore, the only way to remain safe is to follow Covid-19 guidelines issued by State or Central government and pray from Ishwar to avoid this monstrous threat from the country. Again vaccination is a very significant and only possible medical solution to eradicate the threat of dying from Covid-19.

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