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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Anti Conversion Bill in Karnataka faced outrage by Local Christians

Peter Machado an archbishop of Bengaluru on Saturday called on the government to repeal the proposed Anti-Conversion Bill, saying it “would not bring any good to anyone”.

He said he had “faith in God and faith in the government”. Machado stated to the reporters during a peace conference in St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral organized by the All-Karnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights (AKUCFH).

“I have faith in God and I trust in the government, the government should know that we are injured and the feeling of suffering is a feeling that the government does not trust us and that is not a good thing, I ask the government to withdraw that. (proposed anti-Conversion bill) as it will not bring good to anyone, ”Machado said.

He said they had reported to the government that there was no drastic change. “If a person wants to join us, we will not kick him or her and we will definitely let them enter and we perfectly follow the laws and regulations of the country,” said Bishop Machado.


In Belagavi, the people of the Christian community plans to stage a hunger strike in which the winter session of the state legislature is scheduled to held.

Congress leader and former Union Minister Margaret Alva has criticized the BJP-led Karnataka government for pushing for an Anti-Conversion Bill. “We must all unite and fight against it. This is against the Constitution of India. We are all Indian citizens and we know our rights. We are not protesting as Christians. All communities are protesting against this. An anti-constitutional bill,” he stated.

Therefore, this kind of politics is very harsh and can even create constraints in the path of betterment and development process of the concerned country. The major question is that if someone is not going to do particular crime, then why are they scared off. This clearly hints towards the mindset of those people who intending to commit forceful conversion by offering temptation and are scared too.

Every religion in this country has given special preference and our beautiful and trustworthy constitution always tries to delivers equality and justice to its seekers. Our country is the only one country which evaluate all the religion in a single sphere. But, why some people having problem with betterment in the law and justice system.


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