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Worst to Best Utensils in the Kitchen, let the Cookware decide your health

How usage of different Utensils affects health, Which utensils are need to be avoided, and Which utensils are need to be excepted

The current society is fast-paced and demands readily available food through modern Cookware or Utensils. The emergence of plastic, non-stick, Aluminium cookware is the outcome of the modern lifestyle. Apart from introducing new utensils in the market, the need and benefits of ancient kitchenware(clay and Bronze) are falsely defamed in the eyes of the public, just to maximize the profit level of the companies.

The majority of health issues arise only due to the cookware we use in our day to day life. Utensil always plays a vital role in making food healthier or poor to eat, the good utensil can nourish the properties of the food whereas a poor utensil can make food poisonous or unhealthy. Regular use of poor utensils can cause serious health hazards. It is always important to know whether the utensils we use to prepare our food are healthy or not. 

Utensils that are Best for food:

Clay Utensils (Handi): Clay utensils heat up as a result of moisture and heat combines which preserve nutrients of the food. It is recommended to buy only those pots which are unglazed because glazed can release harmful chemicals while cooking. For example: preparing Pulses(Dal) in a Clay pot can double its nutrients. The only drawback associated with the clay is that its time consuming while preparing the food. Storing water in a clay pot (Ghada) can even enhance the mineral content of water and also help in keeping water cool for a longer duration. The clay frying pan is good for cooking bread (Roti).

Bronze (Kansa): Bronze is another splendid utensil for preparing food. It can retain about 97% of the food nutrients. Always beware of the nickel or tin coating on it because it can lead to several health issues. In ancient or medieval times, bronze utensils were used by the royal families. Nowadays, in restaurants and cafes, we can easily see these types of utensils available especially in those restaurants which are based on heritage.

Glass: Glass is recognized as one of the safest utensils because it can neither add nor absorb anything from the food. Glass is generally used for keeping fruits or having milk. 

Utensils that are moderate for food:

Brass: Brass is also a decent utensil if cared properly. It retains around 90% to 95% of the food ingredients while cooking. Brass requires extra care while washing it. Beware of making salty and acidic food in it because acidic food can react with brass and can make toxic compounds.

Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel is one of the most readily available utensils in the market. It is good for making a wide variety of dishes. It can preserve about 60% to 65% of food nutrients. Refrain buying stainless steel if these utensils have chromium or nickel polish on them. Always go for those utensils which are durable and of high quality.

Cast Iron: It is considered to be one of the best choices of cookware. It is the best replacement for aluminum and other hazardous cookware. It also contains Iron content which is recognized to be good for health.

Utensils need to be avoided

Plastic: Plastic is one of the most common utensils found in India. In most of the households, we have seen plastic utensils, which many people uses it to store or serve the food. Storing hot food in plastic can even cause genetic ailments in the body. Regular consumption of hot food in a plastic container can cause Cancer. The plastic container must be of good quality and only store dry and cold food in plastic containers.

Aluminum: Aluminum is another very hazardous utensil for the consumption of food. It can only absorb 13% nutrients of the food. The harmful property concerned with it is that it can easily dissolve or absorb by the food while preparing it. This cookware should be avoided for cooking at high temperatures and while preparing acidic food. It can cause liver disorders, brain disorders, constipation and even paralysis. It can also cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Non-stick utensils: These kinds of utensils are considered to be one of the most hazardous form of utensils. It contains Teflon and Tetrafluoroethylene which consists of wide variety of harmful substances. These types of utensils can even cause Cancer and Heart disease. These type of utensils can even woks as termite into the body which destroys the nervous system and causes mental disorder if used frequently.

Therefore, we can easily demonstrate through this research that usage of best quality Utensils or cookware is very essential to maximize health benefits or minimize risks adjoined by reckless nature. The opting of finest utensils can take time to make food but, are cost effective too.

“Eat Best in a Best Utensil”

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