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Piyush defended the stand of Speaker on suspension of MP’s

The government on Tuesday defended the suspension of 12 MPs in Rajya Sabha for misconduct citing repeated allegations of misconduct during a parliamentary session, which tarnished the image of the House of Representatives.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal has called on suspended members to apologize to the state, the House and the chairperson for their conduct.

Speaking to Rajya Sabha, Goyal narrates the incidents of misconduct by opposition lawmakers during the Monsoon Session. He further added that they did not allow Prime Minister Narendra Modi to introduce new members of his House Cabinet, attack shawls, climb on a table, snatch, rip and throw papers, blow horns and whistle and insult the chair.

“I want to inform you of the last day of the storm session. … some members of Parliament attacked women’s shawls, others attacked men. They stood firm. We shudder to think of what happened to the chair. ”

He said the opposition party did not allow Modi to present his ministers. “The opposition party does not care about the large number of women, the northeast minister and Adivasis anointed …

He said the country had witnessed the misconduct of opposition MPs when Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw addressed the House during the Monsoon Session and tore up papers. He commended the staff of Parliament for their patience and restraint in dealing with these unruly members. “I want to congratulate the officials of Parliament who are suffering from such attacks. But when one member almost hit the chair, there was no alternative but to be suspended for the rest of the day. ”

Goyal said opposition lawmakers had broken glass in a house and injured other officials. “But we wanted to release the House so that no further action could be taken.” He said two members of Parliament were recording audio from the Royal Household on YouTube. “We have proposed the formation of a committee to deal with this matter. However, most opposition groups refused to participate. Their contention that such a team can only function if the House is up to date is not right as the House is always. So it is a decision of the House to suspend. They can make a mistake but they have to apologize because everyone can make a mistake.”

Therefore, the essence driven by the Piyush Goyal is that the Parliament and its speakers are dignified and need to be respected. These type of behavior from opposition directly causes tension and constraints in the path of initiation of development and growth of the nation.

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