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Russian jet crashes during training – MoD

A SU-24 fighter jet has reportedly fallen into a deserted area in Volgograd Region, the Russian Defense Ministry says

A Russian SU-24 fighter jet has crashed during a scheduled training flight in a deserted area in Volgograd Region, the country’s defense ministry said on Tuesday.

The aircraft was reportedly not carrying any ammunition during the flight and no information regarding casualties has been relayed yet. However, Mi-8 helicopters and rescue services have reportedly been dispatched to the scene of the crash.

Regional officials in Volgograd have told the media that there have been no casualties or structural damage on the ground as a result of the crash.


Earlier on Tuesday, another plane carrying passengers from Sochi to Omsk crash-landed in a wheat field in Russia’s Novosibirsk Region. The Urals Airlines Airbus A320 made the emergency landing with over 160 people on board, including 23 children and six crew members.

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The pilot of the distressed flight managed to safely touch down in the field in what one passenger described as a landing “softer than on asphalt.” 

The cause of the emergency has yet to be established, but preliminary reports suggest that the issue may have been due to malfunctioning hydraulics.


September 13, 2023 at 12:17AM

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