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CM Mamata fuels religious Violence in Howarh and Dalkhola! A factual view

Just a day before Ram Navami Procession(Shobhayatra), West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee said, “No procession (Ram Navami Shobhayatra) would pass through the Muslim area.”

Is this what a democratic country’s government looks like, where people have to take permission from someone to move into any area within the boundaries of the state? Isn’t it violating Article 19 of the Constitution? Isn’t it violating religious freedoms of the people mentioned in Part 3 of the Constitution that are Fundamental Rights from Articles 25 to 29? No doubt, there should be reasonable restriction but, preventing someone to profess their fundamental right at a common land is rubbish.

Mamata Banerjee said, “not only Hindus and Muslims were responsible for the Violence. There were BJP, Bajrang Dal and other such organization members who were behind the Violence.”

What do you mean by such organizations? These are Hindu organizations. Astonishingly, you are slamming the victims of the crime itself. That’s really shameful, Ma’am. Madam, you are frightened to add the angle of radical Islamist groups who were indulged in this Violence only due to your vote bank politics and appeasement on which you won the West Bengal elections in 2021.


Talking about Mamata Banerjee’s point, the TMC has government has lost by-election in Sagardighi province where Muslims are around 60% due to “Chandi Paath” and all those Political tricks by Mamata under pressure of Hindus. The Muslim vote bank slipping out of her hands thus, to appease them Mamata and protect her vote bank, Mamata started devastating feelings of Hindus.

Since the WB elections in 2021, then in Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti procession, Violence has been evident in Mamata Banerjee’s rule in West Bengal and the target is Hindu community only. What can we expect from a CM who hates “Prabhu Shree Ram” itself? Madam CM has been witnessed being upset whenever someone chants “Jai Shree Ram” slogans. As per Ramayan, Bhagwan Bajrang Bali used to chant “Jai Shree Ram” slogans to tease the Demons of the Ravan Army; rest, you all are intelligent.

Even State police was so forced under Government pressure to not to act or detain anyone during the course of violence. There are some visuals which even prove this fact.

Madam Chief Minister, you should focus on the development of the state rather than indulging in these petty appeasement issues. The state of West Bengal is undergoing a lot as most people are terrified of extremists and ‘Gundas’ of the ruling government. The state needs to benefit the people instead of aiding those associated with the party.

At current stage, the state is victim of Starvation, severely lacking infrastructure, education level, MNC’s, GDP issue, Employment issue are major in the sector but, the government will get to work on them only after getting rid of their personal deeds of appeasing and spreading religious hatred.

Some visuals of the Bengal violence:

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