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Beijing Propaganda not Winter Olympics, Taiwanese skater wore Chinese uniform

Taipei – Taiwanese Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang has ordered an investigation into a Taiwanese skater who posted a video of him wearing a Chinese uniform just before the start of the Beijing Olympics.

Huang Yu-ting posted the video on his Instagram page but deleted it after attracting strong online criticism in Taiwan, with many people viewing China, claiming the island as its place, as a major threat to freedom and their way of life.

Huang, one of Taiwan’s only four athletes in the Winter Games, later defended himself on Facebook saying “sports are sports” and that everyone is “good friends” when competing. Those words further irritated him in Taiwan.

In a statement on Saturday, Su’s office said the prime minister believed Huang’s actions were “absolutely inappropriate” and called on the Department of Education and Sports Management to investigate and provide “appropriate punishment.”


The Presidency of Taiwan has added in a separate statement that it supports “necessary” investigations and sanctions.

“Members of the national team represent the country at the tournament, and there should be no disparaging remarks or actions that tarnish the image of the nation,” said President Tsai Ing-wen’s spokesman Xavier Chang.

Huang, who carried the party’s flag at the opening ceremony, did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but speaking to reporters in Beijing on Thursday reiterated that the uniform was given to his Chinese friend.

“For me it was just a friendship. He gave me one, a suit, and I just put it on when I exercised. I meant nothing. I posted this video because I want to tell everyone that I am going to the Olympics. That makes me happy, ”she said in English.


The Olympics only add to the tensions between Taiwan and China, though these games should set politics aside.

The Taiwanese government reprimanded China on Friday for using the Games to prove its sovereignty on the island, saying the country had “tarnished” over the peaceful atmosphere of the “propaganda.”

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