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Sunday, May 15, 2022

At Least 8 Dead in Shooting at New York Supermarket 

https://ift.tt/YV4dJKC least eight people have been killed...

20 Injured in Two Milwaukee Shootings After Bucks Playoff Game

https://ift.tt/N3RpaS8 people were injured in two shootings...

US Abortion Rights Activists Start ‘Summer of Rage’ With Saturday Protests

https://ift.tt/LKkiSVp rights supporters will protest in cities...

Finland said, joining ”NATO” will not be against anyone

Helsinki: Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said on Wednesday that he “would not be against anyone” if the Nordic country joined NATO, despite Russia’s warning against membership.

“Joining NATO would be against no one. It’s not a zero-sum game,” the President said while signing a political statement of mutual support with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

If Finland were to join NATO, Niinisto said his response to Russia would be, “You caused this, look in the mirror.” Similar to the declaration signed with Sweden on Wednesday, the declaration ensures that the UK will assist in various ways if Finland “suffers a disaster or attack”, “which may include military means”.

“Finland is already an improved partner in NATO. Nobody has any doubts that Finland is part of the West,” said Niinisto.

He noted that the situation had changed as Moscow had previously assumed that the militarily non-aligned countries of Finland and Sweden would “stabilize” the Baltic region.

“But then at the end of last year, they declared that Finland and Sweden cannot join NATO. You have demanded that NATO should not accept any new members. Indeed, Russia has expressed that you have no will of your own,” Niinisto said. This is a “big change,” added the President.

Finland’s President and Prime Minister on Thursday will announce their long-awaited positions on NATO accession, the first step towards a formal decision after a rapid change of heart since the Russian war. in Ukraine.

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