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US Moves to Bolster Mobility of Ukrainian Forces

https://ift.tt/PnTCw4U Ukrainian military's push to "hollow out"...

Islamic State Cell Member Sentenced to Life in Prison in US for Beheadings

https://ift.tt/zRHlj8x member of an Islamic State cell...

More than 200 US Officials Urge Biden to Meet Refugees Goals

https://ift.tt/FIiUzvw than 200 state and local officials...

Pakistan may face severe Internet Shut Downs, telecom operators warn

Pakistan, July 1 : During a power outage in Pakistan, telecommunications on Thursday warned them to shut down their mobile and internet services.

Speaking on Twitter, the National Information Technology Board (NIBT) said, “Pakistani operators have warned of shutting down mobile and internet services due to long-term power outages across the country, as these disruptions create problems and barriers to their operations.”
Meanwhile, on Monday, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif warned the country that it could face an increase in power outages next July, reports Geo News.

He said Pakistan had not been able to secure the supply of liquid natural gas (LNG), however, the coalition government was trying to make an agreement.
Pakistan’s monthly oil purchases are expected to increase by four years in June, reports Refinitiv, as the country struggles to buy LNG to generate electricity during a heat wave that is in demand, reports Geo News.

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Pakistan is facing a major energy crisis after failing to reach an agreement on natural gas supply next month. The July tenders were canceled due to high prices, and low participation as the nation was already taking steps to address widespread power outages.

The Pakistani government is trying to intensify its energy savings, reduce working hours for government employees and order supermarkets in factories to close early in various cities, including Karachi.

Pakistan already has two long-term supply agreements with Qatar – the first one signed in 2016 for five goods per month, and the second in 2021, where Pakistan currently receives shipments three times a month but the country is currently under a major jurisdiction. shutdown as the purchase of cold fuel remains unreliable and costly due to its increasing reliance on LNG to generate electricity.

Pakistan Petroleum Minister Musadik Malik, who was in Doha earlier this week to hold talks with Qatari Energy Minister and Qatar Energy chief executive Saad al-Kaabi, confirmed the talks but said the government was looking at alternative “new” pricing and supply chains. in broader discussions.

Pakistan’s Finance Minister Miftah Ismail said the government was in talks with Qatar about a new five- or 10-year LNG supply of three monthly goods, as well as additional assets under the existing agreement.

The rapid decline in foreign exchange reserves was the result of Pakistan’s two deficit inflation, as well as a lack of foreign exchange earnings. Pakistan’s inflation plummeted to a two-digit high in July, the highest growth in almost six years.

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