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Taliban announces exception for female employees in healthcare-related fields

The Taliban announced an exception to the ban on female employees working for non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan. The Islamist group says women can participate in health-related fields.

The Taliban seized power in 2021. They severely restricted women in many areas, including education. The group announced its ban on NGOs last month.

A spokesman for the Taliban’s Ministry of Economy explained the latest restrictions in an interview with NHK. Abdul Rahman Habib said some women violated the Islamic dress code while performing their duties.

He said, “This step was taken after some complaints, especially from people in these NGOs. Only in health can women help other women and in matters related to nutrition.”


In Afghanistan, it is common for health workers to treat female patients. The Taliban apparently made an exception to avoid disrupting medical activities.

Several groups announced the resumption of their health-related work in the country after receiving assurances from the group. One of them is “Save the Children”, an international NGO.

The Taliban crackdown sparked protests and sparked global outrage. The United Nations delegate is now in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, UN Deputy Secretary General Amina Mohamed met with the acting foreign minister of the Taliban.


The UN says its delegate is expressing solidarity and discussing ways to promote and protect women’s rights in Afghanistan by starting to work with the Taliban. Mohamed was scheduled to have meetings with UN staff, NGOs and local women.

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