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Two Pakistani Teenage Girls Run Away To Meet K-Pop Sensation BTS

Recently, two teenage girls from Karachi, Pakistan went missing from their homes. Initially, it was believed that the girls had been kidnapped, but police later discovered that they had run away to South Korea to meet their favorite K-pop group BTS. The girls were eventually found by police in Lahore, around 1200 kilometers away from their homes.

According to the police report, the girls, aged 13 and 14, went missing on January 2, 2023. The older girl went to her younger friend’s home, and they both went outside, but were nowhere to be found when their fathers went searching for them. The fathers assumed that the girls might have been kidnapped or had gotten involved in a foul situation.

Upon investigation, police discovered that the girls had been planning their escape for some time and had made detailed plans to travel to South Korea in a diary found at the 13-year-old’s home. This diary also revealed that the girls had been researching South Korea online, including information about things to do, what to wear, and things to avoid.

Forensic examination of the girls’ deleted browsing data and WhatsApp chats also confirmed their intentions to meet BTS. The girls were eventually found by police in Lahore, who had been searching for them extensively. The girls were trying to disguise themselves as boys when they were found.

A cultural journalist who spoke to CNN about the case mentioned that the decisions and risks taken by the girls were not surprising, as “stans” are known to do anything for their idols. It is important to create a safe and organized space for fan girls so that they can freely engage with each other and talk about their favorite idols, rather than taking the risk of running away from home.

The senior superintendent of Karachi urged parents to monitor the online activities of their children in a video statement and said arrangements had been made with the Lahore police to bring the girls back home. BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, is a leading K-pop boy band sensation that has gained immense popularity globally. Their fan following, also known as BTS ARMY, is spread across the globe, including Pakistan.

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