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Pride and Nostalgia: IIM Bodh Gaya Alumni Gather for Memorable Reunion

The Alumni Relations Committee of IIM Bodh Gaya, along with IIM Bodh Gaya’s graduates who are pursuing their Ph.D. coursework at IIM Bangalore, organized a highly anticipated alumni meet on July 2, 2023, at the prestigious campus of IIM Bangalore.

This remarkable event brought together the proud graduates of IIM Bodh Gaya, showcasing its students’ ever-growing fraternity and collective efforts. The committee sincerely appreciated IIM Bangalore for hosting the even

The alumni meet commenced with a warm welcome note from the Alumni Relations Committee, setting the stage for an evening of reminiscing and networking. Dr. Vinita S. Sahay, Director of IIM Bodh Gaya, took the stage and delivered an inspiring address, highlighting the institute’s progress and the sense of pride it instills in its alums.

Dr. Sahay also shared fond memories from her time on campus, evoking nostalgia among the attendees. She expressed her vision for the event to become a regular affair, strengthening the bonds between the alums and the institute.

The evening continued with a captivating presentation showcasing IIM Bodh Gaya’s journey and achievements thus far. The alums were updated on the institute’s latest developments, initiatives, and future aspirations. This presentation served as a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire IIM Bodh Gaya community.

Pride and Nostalgia: IIM Bodh Gaya Alumni Gather for Memorable Reunion

A well-deserved tea break allowed alums to reconnect and engage in lively conversations, reminiscing about their experiences at IIM Bodh Gaya. The event also featured multiple fun activities, rekindling the shared memories of their time as students.

The evening peaked with a delightful dinner, creating an ambiance of warmth and togetherness. Graduates from past batches had the chance to reconnect with old friends, strengthen professional networks, and celebrate the invaluable bond they share as members of the IIM Bodh Gaya family.

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