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How Special is Qatar FIFA 2022 world cup?

The most awaited Qatar FIFA world cup 2022 is just around the corner and the capital Doha is almost ready for a month-long jaw-dropping football event with the arrival of more than 1,000,000 football fans. The FIFA fan fest has already begun, stadiums are less than 40 kilometers away from the center of Doha, never before have millions of World Cup fans been in such close proximity. After the rigorous preliminary qualifying matches, 32 qualified national football teams compete in the cut throat competition to grab the world champions title and World cup.

With the heated-up Qatar’s Football grounds, betting grounds too are heated up. The World Cup 2022 event is expected to spark a betting frenzy on the next level. Sports pundits are already in the limelight for their FIFA world cup betting tips and precise predictions with inch-perfect ground analysis. Fans from all over the world have already gathered here to support their favorite teams and bet on them. Needless to say, this World cup event scheduled to take place from 20 November to 18 December is all set to break the viewership records in the sports history.

Controversies too have found their ways through this auspicious event nonetheless Qatar’s World cup event is going to be special in several aspects. This is surely a history in making with so many experiments at the same match event.

Let’s have a look over the 5 brand-new elements of the event and how the FIFA world cup 2022 is so special.


Women Referees in Men’s world cup

For the first time women referees will be seen officiating men’s FIFA World Cup games. And this example is being. 3 out of 36 referees (Yamashita Yoshimi, Salima Mukansanga, Stephanie Frappart) and 3 out of 69 assistant referees (Neuza Back, Karden Diaz Medina, Kathryn Nesbitt) in the world cup match will be women, the number may seem small but the impact will surely be big especially in Arab countries.

Five Substitutions in per match

The option for a team to make up to five instead of three substitutions in every game, will make its debut on international stage in the Qatar World Cup 2022. This shift from three to five substitutions per game was originally done to protect players during the Covid-19 pandemic and ever since it was widely adopted in club football matches.

Semi-Automated Offside Technology

This is the first time when this revolutionary Semi-Automated Offside Technology will be used in the FIFA world cup. This technology may be said to be an upgraded version of the VAR system that has been adopted firmly in football matches. Artificial intelligence assigns and tacks up to 29 data points for each of the 22 players, enhancing video assistant refereeing. This technology through sensors in the football detects where and when it was kicked and transmits it to the operation room along with video footage of stadium camaras.

This technology will surely boost the fare play and help in precise decisions by referees in the game.


26 Players squad

Following the five-substitution rule, teams in this world cup are allowed to have a 26 players squad instead of usual 23 men. This expansion of the squad has been previously tried at the European Championship and Copa America amid Covid-19 outbreak.

The unusual time and Venue

The venue for the FIFA world cup 2022 is truly special as it is to be hosted in a middle eastern country for the first time. The fabulously designed architecture of Doha’s football stadiums has already taken up the fans. The FIFA World Cup tournaments are usually held during summers in the chilling northern hemisphere and come after the end of the football season in Europe. This FIFA World cup was postponed especially to be held during the Northern Hemisphere winters to avoid the scorching summer of the middle eastern region.

And last but not the least it is worth appreciating how over 30 thousand workers and with over 8 billion of budget has resulted in this infrastructural marvel across the Qatar’s capital Doha to host this heart-warming event.

These innovative modifications have doubled the enthusiasm of football battleground 2022. With 32 super teams fighting over 64 matches in 28 days for the title of “world champions” would surely be thrilling to witness. Hope not to miss this historical charm, see you in Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022.


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