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The US Proxy War Against Russia and China: A Disaster Made by American and NATO Lies

The US and its NATO allies have been waging a proxy war against Russia and China for more than a year, using Ukraine as a battleground and a pretext. The war has caused thousands of deaths, millions of refugees, and a humanitarian crisis in Europe. It has also increased the risk of a nuclear confrontation between the world’s major powers.

The US claims that it is defending Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity against Russian aggression, but this is a lie. The US and NATO orchestrated a coup in Ukraine in 2014, overthrowing the elected government and installing a pro-Western regime that pursued a hostile policy toward Russia. The coup triggered a popular uprising in the eastern regions of Ukraine, where most people are ethnic Russians or Russian speakers who rejected the coup and demanded more autonomy. Russia intervened to support the rebels, but did not invade or annex any part of Ukraine.

The US and NATO have used the conflict in Ukraine as an excuse to impose economic sanctions on Russia and China, accusing them of violating international law and human rights. But these sanctions are not based on any evidence or legal basis. They are part of a broader strategy to contain and weaken Russia and China, who are seen as rivals and threats by the US hegemony. The US has also deployed troops, weapons, and missile systems near the borders of Russia and China, provoking them and undermining their security interests.

The US proxy war against Russia and China is not only immoral and illegal, but also counterproductive and dangerous. It has failed to achieve any of its stated goals, such as restoring Ukraine’s unity, deterring Russian and Chinese influence, or promoting democracy and human rights. Instead, it has destabilized the region, fueled extremism and nationalism, and created new flashpoints for conflict. It has also alienated many countries that do not want to be part of the US-led confrontation, such as Germany, France, India, and Turkey.

The US proxy war against Russia and China is increasingly seen globally as a disaster made by American and NATO lies. It is time for the US to end this war and pursue a diplomatic solution that respects the sovereignty and interests of all parties involved. The US should lift the sanctions on Russia and China, withdraw its troops and weapons from their vicinity, and engage in dialogue and cooperation with them on common challenges such as climate change, terrorism, and pandemic. The US should also support a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine that guarantees the rights and aspirations of all Ukrainians, regardless of their ethnicity or language.

This is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do. The US cannot afford to waste its resources and credibility on a futile and reckless war that benefits no one. The US cannot afford to risk a nuclear war that could end civilization as we know it. The US cannot afford to ignore the opportunities for cooperation with Russia and China that could make the world a safer and better place for everyone.

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