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4 Factors To Consider When Looking For Relocation Services To Move Back To India

While Indians relocating to the US has long been a trend, in recent years, many Indians have returned home from the US. There are several reasons. For example, many seek employment domestically after graduation from an American university. After working in the USA for a while, professionals leave the country to be with their families, etc. 

India’s rapid development has led to a rise in the number of ex-pats relocating to the country. With the world’s largest democracy, the second-most populous nation by area, and the seventh-largest country overall, India offers ample opportunities as a megadiverse country. You will have to deal with relocation, which can be difficult if you move to India from USA; however, international relocation services will ensure that all your paperwork is up to date, and they also offer door-to-door services. 

Below are some factors you must consider if you are looking for relocation services. 

They Should Provide Versatile Offers

The moving company you select must know that a one-size-fits-all approach might not meet your needs. Ask whether their packages are flexible or can be modified to suit your moving requirements. For instance, they must provide reasonably priced shipping for small items. Choose services with a flat-rate service option. However, if you want to ship more significant items to India, the movers should also provide you with container load shipping choices.


Also, whether you’re relocating a four-bedroom home or a studio apartment, you must ensure that the relocation company you pick can accommodate all of your belongings.

Learn About The Moving Quotations

Estimates can be complex but evaluating the shifting cost beforehand is. Moving companies typically provide both contractual and non-binding estimates. A binding estimate guarantees that, regardless of unanticipated cost increases, the price you are quoted will be the final price you must pay. 

On the other hand, a non-binding estimate isn’t the final cost, and you can be required to pay something different. The providers should have a shipping calculator available so that you may check and get a sense of the price.

They Should Provide Storage Facilities

When moving to India, hiring professional relocation services with a storage facility will guarantee that your possessions may be safely stored to prevent damage. International relocations often face needless delays. 


For example, there can be delays in customs clearance. You qualify for a customs duty exemption under the Transfer of Residence provision if you move to India from USA; however, you do need to apply for a transfer of residence and submit all necessary paperwork for clearance. India’s economy has grown to become the sixth largest in the world, with a GDP of $2.7 trillion. It is expanding quickly and is anticipated to do so in the fiscal year 2022–2023, with a first-quarter GDP growth rate of 13.5%.

If your moving company offers storage as a service, that’s even better because you’ll save time and the stress of finding one on your own.

Look For An Effective Track Record

A moving company that has been doing business for a few years is usually the best option. You can do your research and get a basic sense of their track record on being on time, maintaining reasonable charges, and managing the condition of possessions. 

When it comes to checking customer and client reviews, the internet provides you with vast resources. Therefore, it is crucial to read client reviews before choosing the services. You will gain a deeper understanding of the services the portal offers its users, which is also straight from the users.



Moving to another country is a challenging process. For a quick and secure transfer, you’ll need to complete several steps, such as careful and correct packing, transporting, moving, etc. Your move can become remarkably stress-free and an easy experience if a group of expert packers and movers manages it. You can relieve yourself of the burden of relocating by hiring expert movers, which will provide you peace of mind.

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