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Besharam Rang Row: Ram Kadam threatened SRK to ban Pathaan in Maharashtra, Hindu Sena, VHP raised concerns

After Madhya Pradesh HM Narottam Mishra called to boycott Pathaan due to wrongful use of saffron color in the song Besharam Rang, now Hindu Sena and VHP along with Maharashtra BJP MLA Ram Kadam also roared the same words.

BJP Maharashtra MLA Ram Kadam said won’t allow a film to release in Maharashtra which will insult Hindu customs and Hinduism.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) seeks apology from film’s lead star Shah Rukh Khan over the mistake caused by him on his part in making the Besharam Rang song.

Moving a step forward Hindu Sena threatened the theatre owners to release Pathaan film, if the fault’s will not be removed from the film.


As a pushback step, Bollywood Big B Amitabh Bachchan raised the concern of free speech from Kolkata Film Festival stage. Political groups like Congress, TMC and other opposition groups came in support of Pathaan and SRK.

NC Chief Farookh Abdullah rcame in support of SRK and said these people are still stuck in this stereotypical thinking whereas Maharashtra MP Navnit Rana appeals censor board to look into this matter.

The Hindu organizations and ideology propagators are not only protesting from faults in the film but also their to Boycott Deepika Paducone and Shah Rukh Khan for their past Anti-India, Anti-Hindu and Pro Anti-India forces remarks that they chatter from multiple mediums.

These instances include Deepika Paducone joining the Tukde-Tukde gang in JNU and chanting Azadi slogans along with some UAPA defaulters and Congress leader Kanhaiya Kumar.


On the other hand, SRK has been criticized on many occasions including his “extreme intolerance” remark, getting invitation from Master Mind of Mumbai attacks and Terrorist Hafiz Saeed and his love for Pakistan and it’s people.

Therefore, these few instances are becoming major obstacle in the path of the film to release and trolling of it’s star cast. The people of this nation who are at top positions or having a strong public image should refrain from giving poor remarks and doing controversial practices to avoid hate and mass outrage from nation and it’s people.


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