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Monday, December 4, 2023

BYJU’s Showing Distorted Map of India, turns out to be Fake

An image having Indian ed-tech giant BYJU’s logo and depicting distorted map of India is being circulated across the internet.

In a paper apparently student notes or an exam question paper having logo of Byju’s on it showed the controversial distorted map of India. The map depicted the a few parts of Kashmir as “AZAD KASHMIR” and “AKSAI CHIN” as claimed by Pakistan and China respectively.

Byju’s Shows distorted map of India, A post by Linkedin User

However, the image turns out to be fake as a representative of the company communicated to “The Press United” regarding the issue stating the following:

“This is a fake image and not our material. All our content is watermarked and additionally our logo usage is incorrect, we never use an underline below the logo. We strongly condemn the incorrect map of India that is being distributed maliciously with our incorrect logo placed on it. This is not part of any material that we have distributed. Our curriculum and all material created are strictly aligned to multiple accreditation boards at the national level, and are created keeping in mind the highest standards. We will be reporting this to the concerned authorities for further investigation and action.”


This fake news was being circulated for quite a long time on various social media platforms.

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