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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal says no need to panic over ‘Covid’ surge

“Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, assured the people of the national capital today that they don’t have to worry about the recent spike in Covid cases, as the government is ready for any situation.

He said that 7,986 beds are available for Covid patients in Delhi hospitals, and that the government has enough oxygen cylinders.

He also said that only three deaths have been reported in the last four or five days, and that all three patients had very serious co-morbidities.

He said that it is possible that co-morbidities were the main cause of death and Covid was just a coincidence, but he couldn’t confirm that.

He said that the XBB 1.16 variant of Covid is currently the most common one, accounting for 48 per cent of all positive cases. He said that this variant spreads quickly but is not severe, and that it can infect even those who have been fully vaccinated. He said that on March 15, the daily case count was 42 and in 15 days it increased to 295.

He said that the government has been conducting mock drills to prepare for any scenario.

He said that the government has been testing sewage samples to detect any possible resurgence of the virus. He said that all the cases are also being sent for genome sequencing to identify any new variants if they exist.

He said that until mid-February, the Covid positivity result from sewage samples was zero, but in the last 15 days, some samples have tested positive.

He further said that all Delhi government hospitals have been instructed to maintain isolation wards for Covid patients.”

Delhi hospitals have been instructed to conduct coronavirus tests for people who show symptoms, according to the chief minister.

He also said that people should wear masks when they visit hospitals and that the government will follow the Centre’s guidelines on mask use. Delhi has seen a rise in Covid cases and H3N2 influenza cases recently.

The city had recorded zero cases on January 16, but the number of daily cases has increased since then. On Thursday, the city reported 295 new cases with a positivity of 12.48 per cent, while two deaths were reported on Wednesday.

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