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India deployed the S-400 missile system to evade attacks from Pakistan and China

New Delhi: In order to make the country’s air defense capabilities better and more powerful, the Indian Air Force (IAF) today deployed the first S-400 air defense missile system in the Punjab sector.

Government sources told, “The first consignment is being deployed in the Punjab sector. It is capable of saving the country from airstrikes by both Pakistan and China.

The second consignment will come by next year

Earlier this month, the supply of powerful Russian-made air defense system S-400 started in India. Let us tell you that during the recent visit of Russian President Putin to India, it was assured to supply it soon.

Its second consignment is also likely to be received next year. India has to get a total of 5 such units. Given the threat from China and Pakistan, India was in great need of the S-400. However, the US has been opposing this deal from the beginning.

Posted in Punjab Sector

This system has been deployed in the Punjab sector. From here it can deal with threats from both Pakistan and China. In October 2018, Russia and India signed a deal for the supply of S-400.

This system, made by Russia’s Almaz Central Design Bureau, can attack enemy missiles, drones, and aircraft in the air at a range of 400 km. It is counted among the world’s most modern air defense systems.

In 2018, a deal of about Rs 40 thousand crores was signed between India and Russia for 5 units of S-400. Indian Air Force officers and jawans have been trained in Russia for this.

Nestnabud can target 36 targets simultaneously

This Russian missile system can simultaneously hit 36 ​​targets. It can be carried easily from one place to another. The system is the fourth and more powerful version of the S-200 missiles and the S-300 missiles developed by Russia.

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