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Virat Kohli privacy breach: ATS chief KP Raghuvanshi says action will be taken against perpetrators 

Amid the frenzy of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022, Team India’s star player Virat Kohli became the victim of a major security breach when a person entered his hotel room in Australia and recorded a video exposing his personal belongings.

Virat Kohli himself took to social media and shared a video shot by a person revealing the details from his hotel room in Australia. The clip provides a complete tour of his accessories, shoes, kitchen area, and personal items.

Now, former Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief KP Raghuvanshi has revealed the punishment that may be meted out to the person behind the recording of the clip from the Indian cricketer’s hotel room.

KP Raghuvanshi while talking about the breach of Virat Kohli’s privacy said, “Whatever has happened is a serious matter, and a person’s personal safety and privacy has been breached. Such an incident creates great risk and many kinds of danger.’

“When the team goes somewhere, all the responsibility lies with the management, so the hotel will have to take responsibility for this incident. When such big names go to the hotel, everyone is informed. Only certain persons are allowed to enter the hotel floor,” the former ATS chief added.

He talked about how the breach of privacy in Virat Kohli’s room could have had dangerous consequences in many ways. Raghuvanshi said that the person who entered Kohli’s room could have drugs, weapons, or dangerous substances in his room. He could also use any substances from the cricketer’s room and blackmail him.

The former ATS chief said: “This incident is a clear case of trespassing, so the person should be punished under Australian law.”

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