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Vk Pal said that our vaccine may be ineffective against Omicron

New Delhi: NITI Aayog member (health) VK Pal said on Tuesday that the current vaccine against this variant may be ineffective, amid the growing fear around the world about the new variant of Corona, Omicron.

At the same time, to prevent its spread, booster doses are being applied in many countries of the world including Britain. But, no decision has been taken on this in India so far.

Pal, who heads the task force on Corona, said in an event organized by the industry body CII that it is more likely that our vaccine against the variant of Omicron may be ineffective.

However, he also said that the picture is not clear about this yet.

The Omicron variant is spreading very fast. Therefore, it is necessary that we have the facility of such a platform to make a vaccine, with the help of which an effective vaccine can be prepared in a short time according to the changing nature of the virus.

He said that universal coverage of vaccines is the first priority of the government so that everyone can be vaccinated.

Explain that the decision on giving booster doses is to be taken on the recommendation of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI).

NTAGI is assessing the data of Corona’s breakthrough infection to take a decision in this direction.

When people who have had both doses of the anti-coronavirus vaccine become infected, it is called a breakthrough infection.

A booster dose is given at the appointed time after both doses of a vaccine. (NTAGI) had a meeting only recently to decide on booster dose and vaccination of children. All aspects were discussed in this, but no decision could be taken.

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