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Monday, October 2, 2023

Himachal boy chopped into 8 pieces, heavy protests triggered

Himachal Pradesh’s chamba witnessed heavy protests in Saloni, Chamba after boy’s body found chopped in 8 pieces in the woods.

The protestors after protesting for pretty days burned the house of the accuseds whereas the police has also arrested accuseds.

8 including Shareef Muhammad, Musafir Hussain and Farida were booked for the offence.

The 22 year old boy named Manohar Lal had relationship with a muslim girl on founding their love affair girl’s family allegedly killed, chopped into 8 pieces and dumped the body into the woods.


Just days back Purola violence and protest are also triggered after the love Jihad case.

Several angles are drawn from the this brutal killing as sources suggetsing that the offenders had terrorist links and several other theories are coming out regarding the family.

Several Hindu Nationalist organizations came forward to seek rigorous punshments for the accused killers.

No doubt, it is an case of reverse love Jihad and these increasing instances of bigorty is really tensed news for the nation and its harmony. Continuous rise of case of love jihad in the nation are the biggest cause of worry as within past 10 India has witnessed 3 mainstream and highlighted cases of Love Jihad and that is the biggest threat for the nation. The need to implement Anti Love Jihad law is rising day by day and instance by instance.


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