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7 Reasons Playing an Instrument is Good for Your Well-Being

Music is one of the strongest forces that can heal a person. It relaxes, soothes, and transfers you to a more serene state where you can find peace. Not only is it a great skill to acquire, but it also positively impacts your mental health. People in New Zealand, especially in places like Wellington, are trying to find ways to improve their emotional and mental well-being, and learning how to play an instrument is slowly becoming their favourite stress-buster. Should you go to a music shop in Wellington? Here’s why you should.

A Powerful Way to Beat Burnout

Trying to strike the perfect work-life balance can be overwhelming, and if you live in Wellington, you need something to help you unwind. Learning to play a new instrument can help give you relief from work and avoid emotional and physical burnout. It takes away the burden of constantly thinking about your work and other responsibilities and just puts your focus on one thing that you love. 

It’s Good for the Brain

Studies have proved the numerous benefits of playing an instrument on your brain. It actively stimulates it by engaging multiple senses, enhances your coordination and concentration, and improves your cognitive and muscle memory. In short, playing an instrument makes you smarter! 

It Improves Your Mental Health

You often turn to music when you are upset. Playing an instrument is a great way to cope with anxiety and depression. It makes you more mindful and helps you be more present. It excites you, making your brain release more dopamine, a.k.a ‘happy hormones’. If you’re a good cover artist or songwriter, you and your guitar can drive down to Hawthorn Lounge or R Bar and enthral the patrons with songs by Lorde or Kimbra or a couple of originals.


It Teaches Patience and Discipline

Playing a new instrument requires time and effort, so patience is key. Dedicate just 30 minutes every day to honing your skill. Try to dedicate a fixed time every day to it. This way, you’ll learn how to play the instrument in a more disciplined manner. 

It Boosts Your Confidence 

Another reason learning an instrument is good for the mind and soul is that it helps in boosting your confidence. When you learn a new skill, you feel proud of what you’ve achieved. It is a great feeling, one that everyone should experience. So, if you pass by a music shop in Wellington, don’t forget to check it out!

Enhances Your Creativity 

Playing an instrument can be a great way to stimulate your creativity. Once you get the hang of the instrument you decide to play; you can learn about existing music while exploring new and original tunes. You can also start creating your own music, which can be emotionally rewarding. 

It Makes You Happy

Ultimately, playing an instrument is about having fun. Think of it as your escape from reality. No matter the circumstances, you’ll always have music to soothe your soul. It can be a great way to connect with yourself and others. 


To Sum It All Up

Everyone has a strong personal connection with music. Music is a great way to relieve anxiety. Although one should not consider this as a substitute for therapy, it can be a great accompaniment when you’re on your journey toward healing and mindfulness. If nature inspires you, take your flute down to Lambton Quay and join the symphony of nature. So, along with listening to good music, learn to play some. Go to a music shop in Wellington and pick up an instrument of your choice, and slowly and steadily watch the instrument become your best friend.

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