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How One Should Behave at a Strippers Club?

Nothing is more exciting than visiting a world-class strip club venue in beautiful Las Vegas. All the lovely ladies there cannot wait to see you, but some ground rules are in place. In other words, there is such a thing as social etiquette at strip clubs, and entertainment experts are sharing a few tips on how to behave when you’re out there enjoying yourself on the main floor or back in the VIP room at a premiere Vegas gentlemen’s club.

Respect The Dancers

Those who strip for a living are human beings just like anyone else, and you are visiting their place of employment. They are not objects; they are performers.

The best patrons are respectful individuals who place reservations at the one and only famous Las Vegas strip clubs to see some of the world’s most beautiful women and to enjoy the shows and entertainment.

For those with an attitude, it’s advised that you keep that outside the venue. Mistreatment of the dancers in any capacity will not be tolerated, and it can get you thrown out of an establishment without getting a refund.


Don’t Try And Kiss Them

Here’s another tip: Kissing isn’t allowed, so don’t try and make this move on the dancers. Touching is possible if you get permission from one of the ladies. Otherwise, enjoy a sensual lap dance, but know there are some basic rules.

Every stripper is unique in her boundaries, and if she’s not interested in having you touch her, then that’s that. You can move on to the next dancer.

Arrive Smelling Nice

Any woman appreciates a person who takes pride in their grooming routine and comes across as the total package. Most dancers prefer that their patrons wear deodorant and cologne, have fresh breath and are looking sharply dressed in business casual clothing.

You want to catch the eye of a sensual dancer and not turn her off with an offensive odor as she approaches to perform a lap dance.


Keep It In Your Pants

Everyone knows what this means, but seriously, relax, enjoy the show, and don’t act on your primal urges.

Arousal is a beautiful thing, but hey, don’t create a scene, and please, keep it in your pants.

Don’t Forget To Tip

Premiere Las Vegas strip clubs are known worldwide for the show-stopping entertainment that their glamorous, sexy dancers deliver night after night. The clubs love their patrons and expect you to enjoy the venue, but it’s not about just gawking at the ladies.

For example, lap dances will vary in price at every club, but generally, you can expect to pay $20 for the duration of a single song and another $20 for a tip and then, maybe, a drink for the stripper. Also, the more you can tip, the better.


In addition, if you desire a bit of quality time with a lady you find appealing, be prepared to spend some real cash in the VIP room.

As far as the stage goes, you can’t just sit there and stare as you enjoy front-row seating. This is super annoying to the dancers, and they need to catch up on tips from others who want to sit back and see a stage performance and show their gratitude with a generous tip.

It’s a business, but these talented dancers put on an incredible show, and no one does it finer than the Las Vegas strip clubs.

A Decent Buzz Is Okay

You’re there to have a fabulous time, and it’s fun to get your drink on, but getting wasted in a gentleman’s club looks ridiculous. That’s when things can sometimes get out of hand and sloppy, and you end up shelling out a lot of money that you may need to remember how it happened.


Maintain a decent buzz, and enjoy the view. Meantime, don’t propose to any of the dancers. It’s fun to flirt and feel sensual, but the club is not a dating service, so you’re wasting your time trying to ask for her number, etc.

The gorgeous, talented dancers in the Vegas strip clubs are in a league of their own. Remember the rules outlined above, and experience this awesome nightlife!

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