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These 8 Daily Habits Transformed My Life, Mentally and Physically

In this article, I’ll talk about some daily habits that have made a really big difference in my life, In different areas such as physical, health, and brain health. Before starting, I want to say a few things so you know the context.

The first thing is these daily habits have been the result of gradual habit-forming over the last five years-it’s, not something that happened overnight. 

It is difficult to form habits and it does take time. The second thing is, although these habits are daily habits, I don’t put pressure on myself to do them every day, especially when things get too busy or things are too overwhelming.

Generally, I do try to do these habits at least three to five times a week in the times that I’m really stressed out because I feel that they do help me stay on track and they do help reduce stress. So let’s state the 10 best habits.


1. I Drink water first thing in the morning

The first daily habit is that I drink a glass of water as soon as I get up. I find that this has made a big difference to energy levels in the morning. The good thing to do is start your morning by getting hydration. 

I drink a glass of filtered warm water. Sometimes I add some lemon to it because it helps to cure abdominal problems.

2. Mediate for 30 minutes

Meditate for 30 minutes every day. I used to be very skeptical about meditation when I first started. I didn’t really believe in it. I didn’t think that there was science behind it but there is actually quite a bit of science. 

It can do things like reducing anxiety, it can help you improve your immune function, it can help reduce pain.


3. I go for a brisk walk outdoors

Every day I have a walk outdoors. because I find it’s such a mood booster. To get some fresh air, to get some sunlight and to be out in the greenery. And there are studies that show that exposure to greenery is good for your health. 

The world health organization recommends that we get about 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity per week or 75 minutes of cardiovascular activity a walk can count if your heart rate is high enough. 

So when I am walking I test my heart rate. I have an app on my phone Samsung health is the app that I use and my heart rates are usually between the moderate and thicker zone.

4. Do at least 30 min. Exercise

I like to incorporate weight training and yoga with morning cardio. The world health organization recommends that the average adult do at least two sessions a week. Why is it so important as we tend to lose muscle mass? It’s a normal part of aging. 


Another part of aging is Loose bone density.But we can sort out all these problems by weight training.

5. I eat something green daily

Eat green things every day because it’s nutrient-dense and it’s a good idea to get some greens on a daily basis, especially a variety of greens you get a variety of vitamins and minerals. 

Eat green things in the diet for better health. Many things in our body are fulfilled by the nutrients and minerals that we get from a green diet.

6. Play outside games

Outdoor games are one of the factors to improve health because by which we get some fresh air, natural daylight. those who are very beneficial to our good health. Recent studies have even shown that spending time outside is a good way to manage stress.


7. Disconnect Smartphones

Nowadays Smartphones are one of the negative things about our good health. because we are connected with Smartphones 24/7 which affects our memory, creativity, and productivity. If you think for better health then disconnect at least one hour every day. and gives your brain a well-deserved break.

8. Getting Enough Sleep

Some things are very important for better health like sleep, exercise and a healthy diet. For better health, 7 and 8 hours of sleep every night is good enough. 

If you do this regularly there will be a positive impact on your mood, memory, longevity as well as your cognitive and physical performance.

A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul, a sick body is a prison.

                                              –SIR FRANCIS BACON

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