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Busy mall attacked by Russian missile in Ukraine says Zelensky

Russia has allegedly committed war crimes by firing a missile at a shopping mall in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk in the Poltava region, said regional head Dmytro Lunin.

Writing to Telegram, he said the number of people killed and injured in the incident was not clear as the mall was still on fire.

According to the deputy president of the presidency, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, two people were confirmed dead and 20 were injured. Nine of them are in critical condition, he said.

Quoted Message: A missile strike at a crowded shopping center inside Kremenchuk is another Russian war crime. Crime against humanity. This is an open and frivolous act of public fear. “From Dmytro regional head Lunin Poltava
An missile strike at a shopping mall inside Kremenchuk is another Russian war crime. Crime against humanity. This is an open and insulting act against the public. “

As we have long reported, missile strikes hit a busy shopping center in the town of Kremenchuk in Ukraine’s Poltava region.

At least two people have been confirmed dead and at least 20 injured, according to the deputy head of the presidency. President Zelensky estimates that 1,000 people were in a shopping mall during the strike.

Here’s what we know about the city:

This is not the first time the city has been hit by Russian missiles. Earlier in the war, Russian missiles struck the Kremenchuk oil refinery and other infrastructure.

At that time the governor of Poltava, Dmytro Lunin, said that the oil refinery had “completely disappeared” after the attack.

According to Ukraine’s 2021 census, Kremenchuk has a population of 217,710. It is one of the largest industrial cities in Ukraine.

The village is located on the Dnieper River, one of the largest rivers along Ukraine.

The death toll from a shooting spree in a crowded shopping mall in the central Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk is expected to rise sharply.

Currently, two people have been confirmed dead, and 20 have been reported injured – nine seriously.

A huge fire broke out in a shopping mall, say confirmed photos – with video reports showing people allegedly trapped inside.

Scores of local paramedics were trying to rescue those trapped in the strike. President Zelensky estimates that about 1,000 XNUMX people were inside at the time.

The mayor called the attack “another Russian war crime, a crime against humanity – an open and senseless act of intimidation against civilians”.

This is not the first time the city has been hit with missiles – one strike was recorded in April and another ten days ago at a nearby oil refinery, but nothing on the scale of today’s attack.

Looking at the time, during the G7 summit in Bavaria where world leaders came together to discuss their ongoing response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it could be interpreted as a message from President Putin.

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