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Cleaning guru reveals the fastest way to get rid of limescale in your bathroom – and it’s not baking powder or vinegar

GETTING rid of limescale can be a bit of a chore, but it doesn’t have to be.

One cleaning guru has shared the fool-proof method to banish it from your kitchen and bathroom for good.


Shower heads often have limescale buildup on them[/caption]


Limescale can be tricky to get rid of, not to mention time consuming[/caption]


Speaking to Express.co.uk, bathroom experts at Villeroy and Boch explained why homeowners should ditch the baking soda and vinegar and use something else instead.

Limescale is the result of hard water containing magnesium and calcium evaporating.

Overtime this builds up to form limescale, which isn’t bad for you but can be unsightly in your home.

That’s why the cleaning experts recommended using citric acid to dissolve limescale fast.


They explained: “Cleaning with baking powder or with vinegar is very gentle on the material, but is somewhat time-consuming.

“A quicker way is to use citric acid, which can be found in powder form at all chemists. Please always follow the dosage and safety instructions on the packaging.”

To do this in your bathroom simply remove the showerhead and place it in a large bowl of water so it’s completely submerged.

Then dissolve two or three teaspoons of citric acid in water and and add the solution to the bowl.


This method will quickly work to get rid of limescale buildup and you won’t have to wait for hours like with baking soda and vinegar.

However, since citric acid is corrosive you should always take care when using it and wear glove.

Afterwards you should also wash it off the bowl and other surfaces to make sure there’s no residue leftover.

According to the experts, citric acid can also be used to get rid of ruse and mould, not just pesky limescale.


You can pick up boxes of citric acid from cleaning supply shops for as little as £2.50.

September 10, 2023 at 09:43PM

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