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Come Dine With Me’s most outrageous moments – from blistering rows to guests booted out and vomit-worthy sausage trifle

RELIVE some of Come Dine With Me’s most hilarious, dramatic, and outrageous TV moments from years past. 

Channel 4’s competitive reality cooking show, which is complete with commentary from Dave Lamb, knows how to turn up the heat as tensions in and out of the kitchen often reach boiling point. 

From food fights to major bust ups, let’s take a look back at some of Come Dine With Me’s most outrageous moments.

Dessert out the window

Channel 4

Contestant Lee threw his dessert out the window in a fit of anger[/caption]

One thing after another went wrong for contestant Lee during a classic episode of Come Dine With Me. The host failed to serve his whole meal, and he burnt his creme brûlées, then burnt his hand, and then threw the desserts out of the window.

The show’s narrator Dave poked fun at Lee’s mishap as he told viewers: “As the crème brûlées cools off in the garden, the temperature in the kitchen is on full whack.

Meanwhile, the guests shout through from the other room, asking when they might receive their starter, causing Lee’s temper to worsen. 

“If this was in a restaurant, I’d have walked out ages ago,” said one of the guests in confessional, before they all gave Lee the lowest score in the show’s history. 

Waste not want not

Channel 4 Come dine with me – couples kiss & display an uncomfortable level of affection.
These contestants committed the ultimate faux-pas

Come Dine With Me viewers were left gagging after a disgusting scene between contestant couple Sophie and Lucas, who were hosted by Ruth and Martin. 

Notice Sophie wasn’t eating the main, Ruth asked: “Are you not going to try the lamb Sophie?” to which she responded by taking a bite.

But, when it wasn’t to Sophie’s liking, she turned to her boyfriend Lucas, who ate the already chewed meat straight out of her mouth. 

Looking mortified, Ruth exclaimed: “You didn’t share the lamb just then, did you?”

Explaining that it’s a regular thing they do, Sophie said: “Yeah, I thought I’d try it again but then I changed my mind, so I thought I’d just spit it into his mouth, it’s a thing that we do.”

Adding to the awkward atmosphere, Lucas jumped in: “Sometimes I get her to chew my food up for me first and spit it into my mouth.”

However, Ruth and Martin didn’t think it was normal and shivers ran down the dinner tables as they stated that they wouldn’t be participating in such behaviour.

‘Get out of my house!’

Claire didn’t get to finish her dinner at Richard’s house

As every dinner party guest knows, certain topics should be avoided when eating, but in one episode Claire and Robinson dive right into the topic of politics and voting. 

Both holding strong opinions, they immediately butted heads.

“I really believe strongly that if you don’t vote, then you shouldn’t have a say. Absolutely say nothing,” Claire fired back to her fellow contestant Robinson, who said he was disillusioned with British politicians. 

Claire only got more angry as the evening progressed, dissing the decor of host Richard, telling him his family caravan outside was “minging.”

However, everyone at the table thought Claire was out of order and decided to move the rest of their dinner into the caravan, leaving Claire out in the cold. 

However, in an unexpected turn of events, Claire ended up winning the £1,000 prize that week. 

Down for the count

Channel 4

This contested opted for dinner a la curb[/caption]

Come Dine With Me sometimes takes pleasure in the misfortune of others, and host Dave ran with a new joke when contestant Hali face planted the pavement on the way to dinner.

“And last to the party it’s Hali,” Dave exclaimed, before adding, “oh she’s hit the deck!”

Hali fell straight off the pavement into the middle of the road, but luckily was unharmed and she continued on to the party, during which Dave continued to bring up her recent tumble.

“Now be careful. Mind that step!” he yelled as Hali moved down into the garden to greet the other contestants. 

“Steady! Steady!” he said as she grabbed the hand of one of the other guests. 

“Well done,” Dave added, as she made it down in one piece.

‘Rubbish’ food

Shocking moment Come Dine With Me host scrapes guest’s dinner into the bin – leaving whole table squirming, https://rb.gy/zif6l, , Channel 4
One contestant requested that her food be put in the bin
Channel 4

Come Dine With Me contestant Salvo couldn’t take the heat when it was his turn to serve up the grub in a classic 2011 episode. The Sicilian host Salvo decided to serve up his guests, Brenda, Amanda and Zed, a pasta dish followed by tiramisu. 

However, after offending the other three guests earlier in the week, it was time for them to get their own back, so Zed was quick to question why he chose to keep it so simple. 

It didn’t take long for Salvo to fly off the handle. 

“I’m really… You’ve stressed me today. I really wanna have a nice conversation today and everything, and you’ve been pinching me all day, ‘easy menu, easy that,’ blah, blah. I’m not, seriously, I’m not taking that today!” he yelled in a strop.

The scene cut to confessional where Amanda said: “I thought it would be me that kicked off with him. I did not have to say a word.

“I was all ready to, like, slag his food off, criticise him. Any fluff on the carpet, I was gonna give it to him.”

Come Dine With Me goes French

Channel 4

One guest thought it would be funny to pretend to be French – that’s one way to get out of small talk[/caption]

Tensions always run high as Come Dine With Me progresses each night, but one contestant took the opportunity to get one over on her competitors on the first night. 

As the first to arrive at Andrea’s house, one guest pretended to only speak French

Panicking, Andrea was failing to communicate with the supposed French woman until the next guest arrived. 

“This is Tom,” she said as she turned and pointed, adding: “This lady is French.”

She greeted him in French and introduced herself as “Mrs Pineapple,” which Andrea seemed to pick up on. 

Moments later, the woman revealed that it was all a joke, shocking the pair by switching to English and asking, “So where did you come from tonight?”

They were utterly stunned as Tom walked off screen, exclaiming: “She’s taking the p*ss!”

Perhaps that wasn’t the best way to start off the week?

‘Sad Little Life’

Channel 4

Peter congratulated Jane on her “sad little” win[/caption]

Come Dine With Me has had more than its share of outrageous moments, but Peter Marsh takes the cake (although not the prize money) for his comments in a 2016 episode of the Channel 4 show. 

Hosting on the final night, Peter was furious when he found out that he’d come in last place, but still had to announce the winner. He ignored runners up Charlotte and Adam, immediately turning on winner Jane. 

Shaking his head, he said: “You won Jane. Enjoy the money, I hope it makes you very happy. Dear Lord, what a sad little life, Jane.”

He continued: “You ruined my night, completely, so you could have the money, but I hope now you spend it on getting some lessons in grace and decorum because you have all the grace of a reversing dump truck without any tyres on.”

Viewers found Peter’s comments so hilarious that he became a meme and the words “sad little life Jane” have since been found on all manner of merchandise, including t-shirts and mugs.

Peter Marshall take two

Channel 4

Contestant stormed off to bed before the night was over[/caption]

Come Dine With Me has since experienced another Peter-esque guest in the form of contestant Heather, who was livid to learn she’d come in fourth place. 

“Someone’s got to come fourth, haven’t they,” guest Toby said, trying to console that night’s host, but Heather really wasn’t having any of it as she hit back at him.

“No, not really, because my food was better than any of yours. Seriously, I am so shocked that you gave me what you did,” Heather raged.

She continued: “My presentation was amazing and far better than any of yours and I came fourth. No, I’m sorry, I’m so upset by all of you. I’ve been so honest with all of you.”

Heather then pointed her finger at fellow contestant Jeff and said: “I could give you a zero because yours was f***ing s**t.”

Heather couldn’t contain her anger and decided to storm off, but since they were all at her house, she couldn’t go far. 

“I’ve had enough. Sorry, I’m going to bed. Forget it,” she yelled as she departed.

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