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Herschel Walker, admits of having two more previously ‘secret’ children

GOP Georgia Senate nominee Herschel Walker admits having 2 more ‘secret’ children — now says he has 4 kids

Georgia’s Republican nominee in Georgia, Herschel Walker, confirmed on Thursday that he had two unidentified children, bringing the total number of unaccounted for children to three.

Walker’s revelation is the second this week that the former professional footballer, who has repeatedly criticized non-African-American fathers, was forced to admit he had children out of wedlock following media reports of their presence.

Until earlier this week, Walker, in his election to replace Democratic Alliance Sen. Raphael Warnock, a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, had spoken publicly about his 22-year-old son, Christian Walker.

On Tuesday, The Daily Beast revealed that Walker had a “secret” 10-year-old son who did not participate in the upbringing.

On Thursday morning, The Daily Beast revealed that she had another son, a 13-year-old, unmarried. In the same article, the outlet also reported that Walker has an older daughter now that he had when he was about 20, and when he was a star running back on the University of Georgia football team.

Walker’s campaign told CNBC on Thursday that the age of the children as reported by The Daily Beast was justified.

In a statement issued on Thursday, he said he had not told voters about his other children because it would put them at risk during a political race. The campaign did not answer CNBC’s question about how many women have children with Walker.

“I have four children. Three sons and one daughter, ”Walker said in a statement.

“It’s not ‘undisclosed’ – they are my children. I support them all and love them all. I never denied my children, I confirmed this when I was appointed to the Presidential Council for the Extermination of Sports and Nutrition, ”he said.

Walker added, “I simply chose not to use them as resources to win a political campaign. What parent would want their child to go to the polls? ”

“You say I hide my children because I don’t talk to them and journalists to win the campaign? That’s weird. I would accept the heat, that ‘s politics – but let go of my children, “Walker said.

It is very rare, but not uncommon, for U.S. political candidates.

In a 2020 interview, Walker, a black man, said “I want to apologize to the African-American community because a fatherless home is a big, big problem.”

Months ago, in another interview, Walker stated that men need to be “fathers of those fatherless children” in areas where fathers are absent from their lives.

Disclosure of Walker’s previously unknown children comes as he continues to be criticized for making controversial claims about this business record and other aspects of his life.

On Monday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Walker had stated in talks and statements that he had worked with police in Cobb County, Georgia, and that he had been an FBI agent.

“I worked for the law, would you know that?” Walker said in 2019. “I spent time at Quantico FBI training school. Didn’t you know I was an agent? “

Walker is not, and has never been an FBI agent.

The newspaper reported that Cobb County police reported that they had no record of co-operation with him, and that the FBI had not answered questions about Walker.

A spokesman for the campaign told AJC that Walker had “supported and worked with law enforcement for many years, including talking to police about mental health, leading women’s defense training, and participating in the FBI Academy in Quantico.”

The spokesman also said Walker “was a well-respected deputy in Cobb County and three other states of Georgia but did not specify which ones,” the newspaper reported.

The Washington Post on Wednesday noted that Walker’s campaign in December dropped a false charge of college graduation.

In April, the Daily Beast published an article entitled, “Herschel Walker’s Claims to Non-existent Company Owners,” which exposed “unprecedented, and even worse, claims” of candidates.

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