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Hilarious moment Princess Kate struggles to inflate her life vest before bursting into laughter during visit to airfield

THE Princess of Wales was seen bursting into laughter as she struggled to inflate her life vest during a visit to a Royal Navy airfield.

Kate touched down this morning at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton – one of the busiest military airfields in the UK.


Kate grinned as she tried inflating her life vest[/caption]


And she was all smiles after successfully blowing it up[/caption]

©Karwai Tang

Kate looked ready for business in a black blazer and trousers[/caption]


The Princess of Wales during a visit Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton[/caption]


The Princess of Wales was greeted by military staff as she arrived[/caption]

Kate made a dramatic entrance on a helicopter

Kate spoke with survival equipment technicians from Britain’s Royal Navy[/caption]

Kate seemed in a jovial mood as she talked with military staff after disembarking.

And the royal was seen grinning in excitement when she was handed a large orange life vest on her visit.

She beamed broadly after managing to successfully inflate the gear in front of survival equipment technicians.

Kate looked ready for business as she strode into the airfield decked out in a black blazer and trousers this morning.

Elsewhere in her visit, she chatted with personnel in the air traffic control tower.

The Princess of Wales is later expected to fly a Wildcat MK2 on a simulator during her visit to the Royal Navy airfield.

And she will be shown around the hangar to discuss the different operations that take place within the Fleet Air Arm. 

The prestigious base is home to a number of front-line squadrons and training units, including the Wildcat Maritime Force.

Kate has recently been appointed Commodore- in-Chief, Fleet Air Arm (FAA) by King Charles.

It comes as the Princess donned a navy power suit to tour HMP High Down in Surrey.

Kate wore skin-coloured plasters wrapped around two fingers as she was snapped entering the prison.

But she joked about her injured fingers, telling a couple it was her own fault as she had been “jumping around on the trampoline”.

Meanwhile, Prince William is set to travel solo to New York this week to celebrate the 2023 Earthshot Prize finalists.

William, 41, has a busy week of engagements in New York Climate Week, ahead of events surrounding this year’s Earthshot Prize.

He will also be travelling to Singapore in November to host the awards.

It is unclear yet as to whether Kate will join Wills for the trip to Asia.

September 18, 2023 at 04:09PM

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