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I build tiny homes and sell them for $122,000 – my latest is only 44 ft long but has all the mod cons you’d need

A VAN builder has discovered a luxurious tiny home worth “every penny.”

It retails for $122,000 and comes with all the modern conveniences you need.

The TikToker said that the tiny home was ‘absolutely gorgeous’
A van builder found a luxurious tiny home that cost $122,000

TikToker Manny (@beerrunbus) told his followers about an “absolutely gorgeous” tiny home that’s 44 feet long.

The kitchen includes a deep sink, a microwave, an oven and stove combo, a dishwasher, and a stainless steel residential refrigerator.


Next to it is a washer and dryer combo, which is across from a full-size bathroom.

Manny said in the clip that the bathroom “isn’t super luxurious but it is a good size.”

The master bedroom is located in the back of the home.

It has “super tall” ceilings, and built-in storage with quartz countertops.


“You can put a TV on it,” Manny suggested.

The bedroom also contains a sliding door with another “massive closet,” as well as a split air conditioner. 

In the hall there are two bunk beds. They come with individual lights and outlets.

The tiny home features 12-foot ceilings and has an “insane amount” of windows, Manny said.


In the living area is an electric fireplace, and stairs to the upstairs loft.

“You can easily fit two queen-sized beds up here,” the builder said.

The front of the home comes with a “huge front porch.”

Some viewers in the comments section were hesitant about the price tag, but others loved the tiny home.


“I love this home,” one person wrote.

“A stove and oven combo?!?! No way,” another person said.

“I need this,” a third follower shared.

The ceilings in the home are 12-feet high
The home comes with bunk beds that have their own lamps, outlets, and windows
The tiny home also has its own front porch

September 13, 2023 at 09:22PM

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