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Friday, September 29, 2023

I chose my daughter’s name years ago but am worried she’ll get bullied over a ‘wiener’ song – people are very torn

EXPECTANT parents worried that the name they planned on choosing for their daughter would lead to bullying.

The combination of their son’s name with their daughter’s name sounded a little too much like a popular hot dog song – and the public is split on whether it’s a good idea.


On a Reddit page, soon-to-be parents shared the name they wanted to give their daughter[/caption]

Posting anonymously to Reddit, they asked for advice when it came to naming their second child.


“With our first child, we had pretty quickly agreed that if it was a girl, we would name her Maya,” the couple began.

Though they initially struggled to come up with potential boy names, they “finally agreed” on doing Oscar if they were to have a son.

Their first ended up being a boy, and so, Oscar it was.

“Now, we’re expecting our second (and last) child and still want to use Maya for a girl.”


Although the moniker was once their ideal choice, now they are questioning it.

“We realized that naming our children Oscar and Maya will sound a lot like Oscar Mayer.

“Do you think our children will end up getting bullied and constantly having the Oscar Mayer wiener song sung to them?”

Although they still “really love” the name Maya and have yet to come up with another option, they wondered if they should ditch it.


Some Reddit users thought they should still go for it.

“I think you’re reeeeeaaally overthinking it,” one person argued.

“Just say them as Maya and Oscar. In most situations of their lives, your children will be separated into different classrooms, etc. So, I don’t think it will be an issue,” agreed another.

Others however said they’d be hurting the kids with that association.


“If I were your neighbor trying to remember your kids’ names, my brain would immediately go ‘wiener kids.’ I wouldn’t do it,” one quipped.

“Lol that’s where my brain went right away. I wouldn’t do it,” added another.

“Instantly started singing the song in my head. Please don’t,” a third chimed in.


While some Reddit users said they were fine with the name, others thought they should choose another[/caption]
September 14, 2023 at 03:34AM

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