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I had an embarrassing swimsuit issue – I didn’t realize until my friend pointed it out, no wonder the bartender was nice

A FITNESS trainer is recovering from an excruciating swimsuit fail that left her red-faced.

She didn’t see anything poking out of her bikini until a friend pointed it out.

TikTok user Bree Anna Cox had a swimsuit fail
TikTok/ bodybybreefitness1
A friend had to point it out
TikTok/ bodybybreefitness1

The embarrassing bikini malfunction made her squirm but she was able to see the light side of it, eventually.

The bartender, however, was very nice.

But commenters to her post said of course he was.

“No man in the world would say a word,” was the opinion of one person.

This swimwear breakdown saga came from Bree Anna Cox (@bodybybreefitness1).

She has a loyal following on her TikTok of over 25,000.

Her platform remit is all about body beautiful through her “holistic training” and her skills as a “nutrition specialist.”

In her post, she described her awkward moment.

Sitting beside a pool in bright sunshine, she was wearing a mustard yellow bikini.

“Went to grab a snack at the bar and told everyone how nice the bartender was,” she said.

But there may have been another reason for his especially attendant behavior towards his customer.

A buddy had to break it to her.

“A friend pointed out that my nipple was hanging out of my swimsuit.

“Well that explains it,” she said, resigned to her humiliating experience.

Commenters had some views of their own.

“I’m sure you made his day,” said one person.

This guy said he has had to point it out himself in the past: “I’ve had to tell several women and every time I was such a child about it.”

Another despaired. It was the sort of situation she was far too familiar with.

“This is the type of sh*t that happens to me. Why?”

September 24, 2023 at 08:23PM

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