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I have big boobs – wearing oversized tops is a struggle, it looks wild from the side

A FULLER-BUSTED young woman has admitted that when she wears oversized tops it’s a bit of a struggle.

She showed viewers how wild her body looks when she turns to the side.

TikTok user @w1trappy has a large bust that causes her fashion problems

A young woman known online as The Real Wiks (@w1trappy) deals with issues concerning her large bust often.

In a TikTok video, she revealed that having big breasts can sometimes be a hassle when getting dressed.


When the video began, she showed herself from the neck up before putting the phone down to reveal her full body.

She wore off-white sweatpants and a navy blue graphic T-shirt.

“Having big boobs seems cool until you try to wear an oversized top in public and look like this,” the subtitle read.

The brunette woman turned to the side to emphasize how short the shirt style was on her frame.


She joked in the video caption that “it’s giving Kanye [West] and 6ix9ine from the I Love It music video.”

They took the oversized clothing trend to the extreme by wearing giant, boxy outfits, which she thought she resembled.

Several people could relate to what she dealt with.

One commented: “Forreal, like promise I’m not that fat.”


“Honestly I have to lift my top sometimes in the mirror to make sure,” she replied.

“This is so niche but I relate,” another chimed in, and the content creator wrote back that “it’s tough out here.”

A fan shared: “Got a reduction and it was life-changing.”

She said that wearing oversized tops is a struggle, it looks wild from the side

September 08, 2023 at 08:48PM

from The Sun


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