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I live in a former school – my dad turned it into a house, it has character but I’ve seen spirits of kids over the years

A CHILDREN’S school turned family home has held some history for one woman who moved in.

She revealed that her father renovated the place, turning it into a house, but she’s seen spirits roaming the space.

Olivia Fuller is a digital content creator who shared her family home, which used to be a school
She shared a photo of the old school, which her father renovated and turned into a family home

Olivia Fuller (@livingfullerwlivfuller) recounted what it’s like living in the home in a video on TikTok.

“Hey, I’m Liv, and my house used to be a school. It was a school from 1897 to 1994 until it randomly closed down one day and became a big eye sore on the community.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.And my dad saw it and decided to flip it into a house. Here’s us helping as kids. Basically, the whole house had to be gutted.

“It took 17 large dumpsters to empty the house, that whole heat throughout the house.

“And students would sit there while they awaited the going to the principal’s office, which is now bathroom.

“But seriously, there was so much crap left here. Cool thing is that we got to keep the original ceiling and the original floors, which gives it character. That’s my story,” she said.

She also claimed that the space made for some paranormal activity at times.

“Should I mention the spirits of the little kids I’ve seen through the years?” she added.

The video drew in many commenters with questions for the young woman.

“Low key think you should have kept the bathroom stalls,” one wrote.

“Wow,” another added. “I want to do this soon old homes have a different vibe to it.”

“But when you go to use the bathroom in the old principals office, do you say you’re having a meeting with the principal?” a third commented.

“Do people that went to school there ever want to look inside to reminisce?” yet another wrote.

“Funny fact, my grammy’s 5th grade classroom is now my parents’ bedroom,” Olivia replied.

She shared old photos of what each room looked like, with many of her rooms being former classrooms
She filmed clips of her current home, which used to be a school, claiming she sees the spirits of children in the house

September 17, 2023 at 12:58AM

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