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I live in a tent with my two kids – it’s such a vibe, we sleep on the earth and have beautiful rainforest views

A MOM has given followers a tour of the tent she lives out of with her two children.

She said her tent home was surprisingly a vibe and provided beautiful views of the rainforest.


Lucy, a mom, lives in a tent with her two kids[/caption]

Lucy (@lucyaura8) shared the tour video with over 12,000 TikTok followers.


“Living in a tent is such a vibe,” she said as she walked through her large grey space.

Panning over her desks and storage units, she revealed where she and her kids kept their belongings.

The mom explained that for things like energy, they’ve had to get creative with their solutions.

“We’ve got power, see the little heater there and we’ve got lights,” she said.


Walking over to a corner of the tent, she explained the space was reserved to be the “kids’ room”: “It’s like they live in a cubby house all the time,” she joked.

There were other perks to the tent as well: “And because we’re sleeping on the earth and get such good sleep,” she said.

Last but not least were the gorgeous sights from the comfort of her own home: “We’ve got a beautiful rainforest view, it’s just so magical,” she added.

People adored her space and took to the comments to share their envy.


“This is amazing I feel like this is how we really should be living, amongst nature,” said one commenter.

“I love it! Literally get the best sleep when I’m camping! Looks so peaceful,” said another.

“Now this is a breath of fresh air, kids aren’t on iPads, enjoying each other & their imaginations,” said a third.


She showed off the “kids’ room,” a space in the tent dedicated for her children[/caption]


One of the perks of living out of a tent was the views of the forest it provided[/caption]
September 26, 2023 at 07:27AM

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