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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

I mastered how to make my Shein press-on nails look like a £150 set & they last weeks – I’m never going back to a salon

A BEAUTY fan has revealed how she gets her Shein press-on nails to last weeks without splashing out on a pricey trip to the nail salon. 

The nail fanatic reckons she is saving herself hundreds on trips to the salon with her easy at home method 


A beauty fan has revealed how she gets her Shein press-on nails to last weeks without splashing out on a pricey trip to the nail salon[/caption]


Ari say with her new method she is never going back to a nail salon again[/caption]


The creator who goes by @thebarbieari0 detailed her step by step process in an online TikTok video. 

She said: “How to make your press on nails last forever without glue.”

Ari confessed: “All of my press on nails are either from Shein or Amazon, and they look like $200 [£150]sets. I’m not even kidding.”

“Never going back to the nail salon again and spending $200 [£150] on a set.”


The beauty fan said she uses an acrylic set that you can pick up from any budget beauty store. 

She said: “I picked up this acrylic set from Walgreens. It comes with everything you need, but I’m only gonna use the acrylic liquid, the powder in the press on nails.”

Ari got to work straight away applying acrylic liquid and gel to her nails. 

She said: “Dip the brush it comes with in the acrylic liquid, and then apply in the powder and let it gel up like that.”


“This is my first time. I’m just doing what I’ve seen the nail salon do.”

You want to apply a thick enough layer for the nail to attach on top of yours but not too much that the acrylic starts spilling over your cuticles.


The beauty fan said: “Just make sure that the nail has a good little layer, and then press it.”


“And you make a little bit of a mess, but you could just clean it up really easily.”

The beauty fan added there is a technique to the application and you want to wait for the powder to gel up before applying it.

Ari said: “Did my first hand. It looks so good. And this is when I started getting the hang of it.”

“So you gotta let it gel up a lot like that. And then applied on the nail, it’s a thin layer.”


The beauty fan said this technique made her nails virtually indestructible and only one solution will remove them. 

She said “And these are cemented on. Honey. Like, these will not move unless you want them to.”

Ari added: “Acetone and warm water. Soak your hands for 15 minutes. They’ll pop right off.”

September 22, 2023 at 11:44PM

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