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I trusted my neighbour to water my plants while I was on holidays – we were shocked at how our garden looked

A WOMAN who trusted her neighbour to water her plants while on holiday has said that she was left shocked at how it looked.

Posting on Mumsnet, the user accused her fellow local of taking it upon themselves to completely change her garden.


One woman was left stunned after her neighbour watered her plants (stock image)[/caption]

The drama started when the original poster, who wished to remain anonymous, went on holiday and asked her next door neighbour to water her plants.

Taking to Mumsnet, she explained: “We were away on holiday for 10 days and had asked our neighbour to water the plants in the green house whilst we were away.

“Turns out she did a lot more than what we had asked for – the entire garden was completely weeded, plants and shrubs shaped and manicured, we were shocked and genuinely grateful, she did not have to do any of this.”

But they took things a little too far when they decided to hack away at her roses.

The homeowner continued: “Did she cut them all down so she could plant in her garden?

“We have five different roses shrubs/climbers in different areas of the garden, she has cut most of them to none.

“Before we left they were all in full bloom, very leafy, big shrubs with abundant flowers taking up a lot of space.”

The anonymous poster said that she enjoyed the “wild cottage” look in her garden.

“Yes they did look a bit wild and overgrown, but we always went for the wild cottage garden look instead of the perfectly manicured look, and June/July is the time roses really grow and flourish.

“From the short conversation we had after we came back it sounded like she thinks she has done us a favour.”

The Mumsnet user then asked for advice from other readers on what to do.

As always, people were quick to take to the comments to weigh in with their opinion.

One person said: “Is it possible she felt they intruded on her garden and took the opportunity to cut them right back? Or that they made her view look untidy? Neither are an excuse but wondering her motivation!”

While a second simply added: “Just ask her why she did it.”

Someone else suggested: “I don’t think there’s anything to be done. The roses will recover. Just do not ask her again!”

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September 20, 2023 at 06:38PM

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