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I used to think my hip dips were so ugly – they were one of my biggest insecurities but now I love them

A LIFESTYLE content creator has shared she used to be insecure about her hip dips because she thought they were ugly.

Now, she’s learned to fully embrace herself and changed her perspective.

Kels, a body-positive content creator, used to dislike her hip dips

Kels (@therealkelsss_) shared the video with over 20,000 TikTok followers.

She sported a skintight black dress that showed off her figure as she revealed what she used to think about her hips.

“Hips dips are so ugly,” the old Kels thought.

The influencer explained she’s grown since: “Literally used to be one of my biggest insecurities and now I love my hip dips so much,” she said.

She used an Ice Spice song to depict her change of heart: “Going viral it’s getting them sicker, like what let’s keep it a buck,” the rapper said.

People took to the comments to share their own struggles with their body image.

Many agreed that they too adored bodycon dresses up until actually having to wear them.

“Bodycon dresses are my thing but hip dips ruined it for me,” said one commenter.

“For real! I love bodycon gowns but my hip dip be doing the most,” said another.

Others who used to be anti-hip-dips but have now seen the light agreed there was no going back.

“Right now I also loved them so much and to think that I used to exercise so that they can go makes me laugh,” said one viewer.

Some thought she had nothing to worry about: “They look good on you,” complimented one fan.

She explaiend she’s changed her perspective and now embraces her hips

September 25, 2023 at 07:53AM

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