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I’m a builder and showed off the coolest features in my new house – the rooftop provides more than just a view

A HOME builder showed off the most decked-out features in his latest project – and the roof deck had its own surprise.

He proudly gave a tour of what he thought were his most astounding additions.

A builder has shared the unique upgrades he added to one of his homes
The rooftop might have had nice views – but more importantly, it featured its own mini-golf course

The builder behind @a1constructionanddesigns invited viewers to “check out the coolest features in this house.”

Some of the most unusual amenities included a tall outdoor waterfall that recycles pool water.


The dropdown bar was another major upgrade.

It seemed that this builder who described his construction company as “making magic” was ready to cheer his unique design.

The modern home also had a see-through glass pool surrounded by plants and outdoor umbrellas.

He then demonstrated another installed feature over the kitchen sink – super easy gliding disappearing windows.


Even bathtime was better in this outside-of-the-box home as the master bath featured views of the pool.

The views might have been nice, but the scene on the rooftop was another story – mini golf included.

One impressed home tour watcher had a question of her own for the builder.

“Marry me,” she said, most likely imagining moving into the mansion.


Those weren’t the only posh additions to the pad either.

The builder showed off a sliding-down gate, spinning wine cellar, and cinema room with multiple rows of seating.

One follower shared her favorite feature: “You got me at the mini golf on rooftop, it’s so cute.”

“When you got money money,” another viewer commented on who could afford the A-list additions.

The waterfall was as functional as it was fun as it recycled pool water
Bathtime with a master bath that overlooked the pool would never be the same again

A spinning wine cellar was yet another feature in the fully-decked-out-house[/caption]

A cinema room offered multiple rows of seating

September 09, 2023 at 01:00AM

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