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I’m a makeup queen – a $5 Ulta tool makes sure you get every ounce of product from the bottle, it saves so much money

A BEAUTY influencer has shared her secret weapon for getting the absolute most out of her beauty and skincare products.

In a video, the woman showed viewers the tool she uses for the job, available from Ulta Beauty for just $5.


A beauty influencer said this makeup spatula was a money-saver[/caption]


The small spatula was designed to help you scrape every drop of product from hard-to-reach spots[/caption]

TikToker Ashley (@maintainedmama), self-described in her bio as a makeup “queen”, shares beauty and skincare videos with her 7,138 followers.

The clip opened with overlaid text that read: “The $5 makeup tool you didn’t know you needed that will save you so much money and leaves no crumbs.”

The first shot showed Ashley holding a box that contained the makeup tool.

Called a makeup spatula, it hailed from the Ulta Beauty collection.

The spatula had a long black handle with a soft rubber tip designed for scooping up every last drop of product.

In the next shot, influencer Ashley used the spatula to empty an almost-finished bottle of mineral primer sunscreen from the brand Hourglass Cosmetics.

The clever design of the tool made it easy to use.

She was able to scrape up product lodged in the corners and on the side of the bottle that would otherwise have been difficult to reach.

While the bottle looked almost empty, Ashley was able to extract a full scoop of product, enough to use in a meaningful way.

In the video’s caption, Ashley wrote that the tool “easily scraped up $20 worth of product that I would’ve otherwise tossed.”

TikTokers were fans of the video. One person said: “I never purchased something so quick!”

Another wrote that they “need” the tool, to which Ashley replied that it was the “best $5 I’ve spent in a while!”


Influencer Ashley recommended the Ulta Beauty tool to her followers[/caption]


It allowed her to access product that would otherwise have been thrown away[/caption]
September 24, 2023 at 07:15AM

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