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I’m a millennial homeowner – I have the best gadget in my kitchen next to our vending machine, it’s great for happy hour

A MILLENNIAL has shared the handy little gadget she keeps in her kitchen that makes happy hour better.

She said she gets tons of compliments on the gadget from visitors.

TikTok/ terramariekurtz

Terra, a millennial homeowner, showed off the cool gadget in her home[/caption]

Terra (@terramariekurtz) shared the video with over 60,000 TikTok followers.

Although each home is unique, many include special additions or installations that make it a homeowner’s own.

Terra said she was no exception: “Everybody has that one thing in their house that everybody thinks is so cool,” an audio said.

“Could be a hidden cabinet, little movie room, gadget, but ours is this.”

Terra, holding a wine glass, walked over to her kitchen to reveal a wine dispenser that distributed red wine perfectly into her cup.

The $8,000 stainless steel eight-bottle wine dispenser allows for precision with three measured pours from .3 to nine ounces.

Although some were impressed, a few almost didn’t believe that she could have a wine dispenser in the comfort of her own home.

“This is clearly a lounge or something…” said one commenter.

“Why would you also have a vending machine?” they asked in disbelief.

Filming another video, Terra provided proof that her wine dispenser was next to a vending machine under her roof.

Many defended the content creator: “She’s hating because it’s outta her tax bracket!” joked one viewer.

Others found themselves green with envy: “I’ve never been more jealous in my life,” said one commenter.

A few immediately pulled out their wallets, ready to purchase the dispenser: “Ummmmmm where can I get this!!” asked another.

TikTok/ terramariekurtz

She revealed she owned a wine dispenser[/caption]

A few people couldn’t believe she owned a wine dispenser and a vending machine
TikTok/ terramariekurtz

September 25, 2023 at 07:00AM

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