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I’m a skincare pro – my anti-aging routine keeps my face ‘super hydrated & bouncy,’ and why I don’t cleanse first thing

A SKINCARE expert has shared the anti-aging routine she swears by for maintaining a hydrated complexion.

The biochemist talked her followers through each step of her daily process.

TikTok user and skincare expert Marina shared the daily routine she swears by to keep your complexion glowing

In her video, TikTok user Marina (@4complexion) showed viewers “how to keep your skin hydrated and bouncy all day.”

She explained: “The main formula is thin lightweight layers of hydration sealed with a moisturizer occlusive enough to stop trans epidermal water loss.”


Marina revealed to her followers why she doesn’t use a cleanser in the mornings.

“I just use water to refresh, which by the way really helps to keep your skin barrier strong,” she said.

For her next step, Marina applied her first layer of hydrating toner and waited for it to dry.

She then applied a second layer, which she explained could be the same toner or a different one depending on your preference.


Marina told viewers: “In this layer, I add a little boost, a few drops of pure glycerin.

“Glycerin really helps to provide a long-lasting hydration, if needed, you can do a few additional layers but I think I’m good.”

She highlighted the importance of trapping moisture during your skincare routine.

“A moisturizer that has enough emollients and inclusives will do it, my favorite kind is the one with ceramides,” Marina told her followers.


“If you skip this step all that water and moisture will eventually evaporate,” she explained.

Marina told her followers that if they followed her routine “the hydration will last.”

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the advice.

“I followed your advice with the three layers of toner and it’s really helped my skin!! More hydrated, so soothing!!” wrote one viewer.


Another impressed follower told Marina: “Your skin is beautiful.”

Marina explained to her followers that the most important step is trapping moisture in your skin

September 20, 2023 at 06:21PM

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