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I’m a theme park holiday planner – the common mistakes families make while visiting that cost them money

A THEME park holiday planner has revealed the common mistakes families make while visiting which cost them money.

Michael L Moore, 39, quit his office job for a new career planning fun-seekers’ trips to Disneyland.

Countdown To Magic

Michael Moore is a Disneyland holiday planner[/caption]

Countdown To Magic

He says visitors often make a mistake which costs them money[/caption]


He has visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida more than twenty times – and has also been to Disneyland in Paris, Tokyo and California.

The theme park superfan said visitors often waste money by forgetting to pack two essential items.

Michael told The Star: “My top money-saving trick for families going to Disney is to bring your own snacks and refillable water bottles.

“Food and drinks inside the park can be quite expensive, so bringing your own can save a lot of money.


“Also, try to book your accommodation and tickets during the off-peak seasons when the prices are lower.”

Michael said you need to set a budget in advance – and stick to it.

He added that families should make detailed and flexible plans well in advance.

But visitors should always remember to “schedule some downtime” in between rides.


Michael told how he was left unfulfilled by his 9-5 corporate job – so he followed his passion for Disney and became a theme park holiday planner.

The dad-of-one said that theme parks let people escape from the real world into a fairyland of “imagination, creativity and nostalgia”.

It comes after residents living next to Chessington World of Adventures said they love the discounted tickets – but there’s a massive downside.

September 11, 2023 at 04:03AM

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