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I’m an interior designer & you’re spending way more than you need to on furniture – my trick saves, even on Pottery Barn

AN interior designer has found a way a clever way of saving hundreds of dollars on furniture.

She said homeowners are spending way more than they need and her trick saves even when shopping at Pottery Barn.

TikTok user Carmen Javier has shared her trick for saving money when shopping for furniture
Tiktok /carmenjavierco
She said you can save ‘hundreds of dollars when furniture shopping online’
Tiktok /carmenjavierco

This lady should know what she is talking about. She has learned a few tricks of the trade during the course of her career.

She spends most of her working day trawling the internet for cheap household design deals.

“How to save money on furniture,” said Vancouver-based Carmen Javier (@carmenjavierco), who has 34,000 followers on her TikTok.

“You [can] save literally hundreds of dollars when furniture shopping online,” she wrote.

“I’m an interior designer, and I source and shop for clients throughout the US and Canada on a daily basis.

“I comb hundreds if not thousands of items searching for the best prices.”

She was ready to share her trade secret and it was relatively simple.

“[First] you are going to find the item that you’ve been eyeing.”

She used a coffee table from Pottery Barn as an example, that was retailing in the US for $949.

“On a computer, you are going to right-click and click ‘search image with Google,” she instructed.

“Basically you’re getting a curated list of every furniture store that also carries the same table.

“First, you want to figure out what the actual name of this item is.

“Most furniture stores carry wholesale brands, which means they’re buying from another brand and then changing the name, changing the price.”

She used the example from Four Hands called the Me Surround coffee table and found the best price at Lulu and Georgia with a price ticket of $749 for this Placida Round coffee table.

But don’t rush to the checkout yet, she warned. See if Lulu and George offer any discount codes first.

If shoppers were buying more than one item, she suggested buying them all from one store giving you the lowest shopping rate and lowest retails prices overall.”

It could also save you on anything between ten to 20 percent in shipping costs.

“If you can combine all your purchases from one store you only have one shipping cost,” said Carmen.

Some commenters came up with their own tips for discount.

This person’s suggestion was typical of others.

“Leave the item in your cart and walk away. Some stores will offer you a discount for your abandoned items two to five days later.”

This person had already tried out Carmen’s tip: “I did this and saved $500 on an arched curio cabinet.”

But there was some caution offered from this viewer.

“Great tip. I’d just add to be sure that you check site reviews because some vendors have terrible service if anything goes wrong or you want to return.”

She used this coffee table from Pottery Barn as an example to explain her method of searching for good deals
Tiktok /carmenjavierco
She found a similar coffee table for $749
Tiktok /carmenjavierco
If you’re clever you can get free shipment too, she said
Tiktok /carmenjavierco

September 17, 2023 at 05:44PM

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