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I’m plus-size – I love wearing bra tops and skirts that show my belly, it’s 100% my look

A FASHION fan has showcased a chic look that she loved which accentuated her curvy shape.

She confidently wore a bra top and skirt style that displayed her belly.

Plus-size content creator Kumba loves wearing bra tops and skirts that show her belly

Kumba (@defnotkumba) is all about just wearing whatever she feels comfortable in.

In a TikTok video, she showed off a fashionable outfit that she loved before she headed out.

When the video began, the plus-size woman posed and leaned in a doorway in front of the camera.

She had on an off-white knit bra top and a low-rise white maxi skirt that showed off her stomach and highlighted her figure.

The background audio was a popular sound from the popular show The Summer I Turned Pretty.

It said: “This is 100% your look, Connie baby.”

“Wearing low-rise clothes as a plus-size girl,” the subtitle above her head read in agreement.

Kumba added to the statement in her video caption and wrote: “Love today’s look.”

The comment section was filled with overwhelming praise and support.

“THAT LOOKS AMAZING ON YOU,” a viewer wrote, while another added that she “ate.”

A TikTok user shared: “No because I actually hate high-waisted bottoms. my stomach feels suffocated. Give me low and mid-rise all day.”

“I cannot emphasize enough how amazing you look,” another fan reiterated.

She emphasized how it was 100% her look in a TikTok video

September 20, 2023 at 06:24AM

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