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I’ve been a parking warden for 23 years – exact time we WON’T slap you with a fine… even if you break rules

A traffic warden has shared the ins and outs of his job – and the exact time wardens begin fining vehicles.

Darren Best has been a civil enforcement office in Bristol for 23 years, and said most of the time he’s had no issues with the public.


Darren explained the ins and outs of his job[/caption]

In case of any difficult vehicle owners, he told The Mirror he does have a button in his uniform to record the conversation for his safety.


Darren explained his typical shift: “We do a quick recce of the local area on foot and wait for 9am to come – the time that Southville residential parking rules kick in.”

Good news for those who move their cars before 9am – they will avoid a ticket, as there’s a ten minute grace period, meaning no tickets issued until 9:10am.

Darren said: “My job isn’t to annoy people – it’s to make sure everyone abides by the same rules.

“We help to maintain the flow of traffic so bins can be emptied and emergency services can get from A to B.


“If we weren’t around, it would just be a massive car park. People see us working and it jogs their memory to move their car or pay for their parking.”

Last month, a traffic warden revealed the little known way you could be caught while parking on the street.

Lucas Taylor, 40, said that motorists can find themselves having to cough up to pay a ticket simply because they can miss seeing a sign saying that the area is permit only.

He told The Sun: “When [pay and display] is not clearly displayed you can get a ticket.


“When the permit signs are every hundred yards – that’s no good for people that just pull up.”

Another of the most common mistakes, Mr Taylor revealed, was parking on “double yellow lines”.

Mr Taylor previously revealed the common mistakes drivers make which could land them with an instant fine.

For most offences, parking wardens need to watch the car consistently for five minutes to see if a driver corrects their error or moves on before issuing a fine.


September 20, 2023 at 12:35AM

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