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Kim Kardashian stuns with ‘surprising’ acting skills as fans insist she’s ‘playing Kris Jenner’ on American Horror Story

AMERICAN Horror Story viewers mercilessly mocked Kim Kardashian over her role in the season 12 premiere.

The Hulu star was cast as Siobhan Walsh and immediately fans had their doubts about her abilities, despite this not being her first acting role.


Kim Kardashian made her AHS debut on Wednesday in the season 12 premiere[/caption]


Viewers were doubtful of her acting abilities ahead of the premiere[/caption]

Kim, 42, made her debut on the show during the premiere on Wednesday and many viewers were forced to retract their negativity.

The Skims mogul appeared in several scenes throughout the episode, acting alongside the show’s star Emma Roberts.

As the show aired, fans and critics alike took to X – formerly known as Twitter – to share their thoughts.

One American Horror Story fan tweeted: “Kim serving natural actress I fear.”

Another wrote: “Kim Kardashian just devoured every other actor. I’m dead.”

“Oh Kim is taking it,” a third supporter wrote.

“There’s @kimkardashian!! Doin great!!” someone else posted.

One critic wrote on X: “LMFAOOO KIM SHOWING HER A** ON #AHSDelicate it’s not acting tho she being herself fr.”

A fan wrote: “KIM IS DOING GOOD yall are eating yall words idc idc idc.”

“Wait because kim is ACTING down,” someone else shared.

Several commenters also seemed to think that Kim’s role seemed familiar – like perhaps she was playing her mom, Kris Jenner.

“She acting as her mom lmao. Hella cute,” one viewer wrote.

Another posted: “Not Ryan [Murphy] casting Kim to play her mom Kris.”


Ahead of the premiere, Kim appeared in a behind-the-scenes clip for AHS.

In a new clip posted on the show’s Instagram feed, Kim was seen talking on the phone as she asks: “What’s your biggest fear?”

The video then cuts to Kim looking totally unrecognizable while preparing to film the show.

She was sporting icy-blond brows with long, thick eyelashes and white eyeshadow that matched her blond hair.

Kim was wearing bright red lipstick in the recording.

She joked at one point: “These lashes were sitting on the counter and I almost screamed ’cause I thought it was a spider.

“I’m so afraid of spiders.”

While Kim was talking, a clip of the star showed her holding a pregnant belly, which turned out to be holding a large spider.

The mom of four then said: “We are on the set of American Horror Story: Delicate. This show is so different and scary.

“Anytime you try something, you just have to have the intention of growing and challenging yourself and you just kinda release and have fun.”

The video continued teasing Kim’s strange look as she appeared surrounded by women in blond wigs who were moving in a synchronized fashion.


Following the news that Kim was cast in the new season of the show alongside Emma Roberts and Cara Delevigne, fans flocked to the internet to share their mixed reactions.

In the comments on an early clip, some expressed excitement while others were anything but.

One critic commented: “Kim is going to EAT this role up!”

“Cannot wait !!! It’s going to be good as much as people like to hate on Kim, she doesn’t settle for mediocrity, she killed it I just know it,” a second confessed.

A third AHS fan wrote: “I’ll tell you the truth. I have never watched ASH once. My mom used to love and rave about it. But I will be tuning in to this season just for @kimkardashian ! So take that for what you will! I’m actually excited!”

There were a number of critics as well.

One hater wrote: “AHS standards are low….Not as they were in the beginning with real iconic actors. Too bad…not bothered to watch it looks redundant.”

“Love AHS but I just can’t stand her. I really don’t feel like watching,” someone else commented.

A third wrote: “Bad choice, the Kardashians are boring.”

Kim plays Siobhan Walsh on AHS: Delicate but viewers claim the character is Kris Jenner

The reality star looked unrecognizable in previews for the season[/caption]


Fans had mixed reactions to her casting but were eating their words after her debut[/caption]
September 21, 2023 at 08:04AM

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